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Kindly suggest some Easy Recipes for Microoven for a single person?

I am Single . Can some one suggest easy recipes prefereably south indian, for cooking in my IFB oven? Kindly tell me how to cook Chappathis,Dosas,make Omlettes, in a oven?

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3 Responses to “Kindly suggest some Easy Recipes for Microoven for a single person?”

  1. VirtuElle said :

    For n omlette- mis eggs, a bit of milk, add anything you want (vegetables, cheese, sausages) put in a microoven and cook for about 2 min… you will see when it is ready- it cooks really fast.

    lso, you could cook poatoes in a microoven: cut it (as you wish : 4 pieces if it is big. if it is really small- do not cut it at all), put in a microwave for appprox. 10 min on high. then cut it, add salt, pepper, a bit of cheese and butter. -it is delicious and fast.

  2. Brian X said :

    I think you’re better off with a hotplate and a frying pan. Microwave cooking is a rather specialized school of cookery requiring some rather odd cookware to do right (you might want to try to find a copy of “The Microwave Gourmet” by Barbara Kafka to learn the basics), and the results are rather different from other techniques (minimal to no browning, for example, or crustless breads). Unless you’re determined to become a microwave virtuoso, you’re best off saving the microwave for thawing and reheating.

    As for actual recipes, I’m afraid I can’t help you much on that unless you like Madhur Jaffrey, though I make a decent naan bread on the grill…

  3. Andy Pandy said :

    I dont know


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