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Does anyone have some easy Dorm Room Recipes?

My roomie and I want to have more meals in the dorm instead of the cafeteria. We have a fridge and microwave, plus the dorms have a stove and oven the only problem is that there are no pots or pans to cook with. Does anyone have some easy recipes that we can make and we won’t have to spend a bunch of $$?
We are not allowed to have crock pots in our dorm.

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8 Responses to “Does anyone have some easy Dorm Room Recipes?”

  1. Nikita said :

    This website should help
    also for rice try putting 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water and a bit of salt and put in the microwave (using a covered dish) for 17-18 mins.

  2. Michelle M said :

    Nikita’s rice recipe plus some veggies and soy sauce! make a stir fry!

  3. haribo said :

    you can get great student cook books with cheap recipe’s so have a look on amazon and ebay and get one.

  4. Jim RN said :

    One of the best things you could invest in is a crock pot. Slow cooking is ideal for the low budget college student. Especially with the cooler months coming up, this style of cooking allows you to prepare the dish before heading out to class. A slow cooker pasta sauce will go a long way. With one batch of pasta sauce, you can make spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, or a calzone. If you do decide to purchase pots and pans, Target or Walmart have inexpensive equipment. A 10 inch skillet and a 2 quart sauce pan should meet all your basic cooking needs.

  5. Janet B said :

    Burritos – canned refried beans, salsa, cheese, tortillas
    Pancakes – using one of those ‘shake and pour’ batters
    Ramen noodles – a long-standing dorm staple
    Bagged salad w/ fave add-ins -mushrooms, carrots, eggs, nuts
    Grilled sandwiches – ham and cheese, tuna, grilled cheese.
    Hard-cooked eggs prepared ahead for quick and easy breakfast
    Cold cereal in baggies that you can grab on your way to class

    You can buy a reasonable pot and a non-stick skillet at a big-box store for not a lot of money. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth we used the bottom of those old domed popcorn poppers to cook hamburgers and pancakes (like a non-stick skillet) and melted cheese sandwiches in waxed paper with an iron.

    Good luck!

  6. Christopher M said :


    1 5-5 1/2 lb. beef rump roast
    1 package dry onion soup mix
    1 large onion, thinly sliced
    1 t. garlic powder
    1 1/2 t. freshly ground black pepper
    1 cup tepid water

    Pat soup mix evenly over meat. Sprinkle with garlic powder and pepper. in bottom of a microwave- proof pan, spread sliced onion. Add water. Place roast in pan, fat side down.
    Calculate cooking times and settings as follows: Weight of roast multiplied by cooking time (10 min. per lb., medium rare: 11 min per lb, medium). Divide time in half, starting with 90% power. Turn roast fat side up and continue cooking at 70% power for remaining half of cooking time. Allow 10 minutes resting time before slicing.

    Second half, fat side up, is at 70% power. 25 minutes, fat side down, 90% power. Continue at 70% power, fat side up, for remaining 25 minutes.

    Drippings will make a nice savory gravy with the addition of 1 teaspoon of dried thyme or 2 tablespoons fresh thyme.

    If you prefer a thicker gravy, stir in 1-2 tablespoons of Wondra flour and simmer until the gravy no longer has a raw taste. Adjust seasonings; add salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste.

    Enjoy with a light red wine, a crisp green salad and small browned potatoes.

  7. Keena said :

    Pita pizza is a good idea, You can purchase pita bread at any grocery store. ingredients: pita bread, pizza sauce,shredded cheese of your choice,pepperoni or any meat that you like, or any vegetables. Spread pizza sauce on pita bread then your cheese and the rest of the toppings place in microwave or oven until your cheese melts and enjoy, it’s very tasty and cheap If you using sausage or hamburger meat cook it first.

  8. Jonathan said :

    theres usually great recipes on hope this helps.


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