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Recipe for a thick cheese n onion quiche without the bacon?

Im looking for a recipe for a basic cheese and onion quiche for all my family. But im wanting to make a thick quiche as when ive made them in the past they have came out quite thin. Also, it must not have baon or anything else in it, just the cheese and onion. Thanks.

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7 Responses to “Recipe for a thick cheese n onion quiche without the bacon?”

  1. JennyP said :

    1 9 inch premade pie crust in pan
    1 large (or two medium) yellow onion, sliced into rings
    1 cup shredded jack cheese
    1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
    3 eggs, beaten with 1 cup half and half
    1 cube butter
    1 tsp kosher salt
    1/2 tsp fresh ground pepper

    Melt butter in saute pan while oven preheats to 425 degrees. Slice onion into rings and place in saute pan. Saute over medium-low heat until onion carmelizes and becomes tender. Cool slightly. Place onion in bottom of pie crust and top with cheese. Blend eggs with half and half, salt, and pepper. Pour over top of cheese and onion mixture. Place in oven on covered cookie sheet. Bake at 425 for 10 minutes and reduce heat to 375 degrees. Bake until golden and center is cooked thru.

  2. caroline ♥♥♥♥♥ said :

    3 tablespoons butter, softened, divided
    1 (9 inch) unbaked pastry shell
    1 large onion, chopped
    2 cups shredded Swiss cheese
    1 tablespoon all-purpose flour
    3 eggs
    1 cup half-and-half cream
    1/4 teaspoon salt

    Spread 1 tablespoon butter over bottom of pastry shell; set aside. In a skillet, saute onion in remaining butter until tender. Spread in pastry shell. Toss Swiss cheese with flour; sprinkle over onion. In a bowl, whisk the eggs, cream and salt. Pour evenly over cheese.
    Bake, uncovered, at 400 degrees F for 10 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 degrees F; bake 30-35 minutes longer or until a knife inserted near the center comes out clean. Let stand for 10 minutes before cutting.

  3. Ms. Diamond Girl said :

    Here’s two different versions hope they help:


    1 (9 inch) unbaked pie shell
    3-4 lg. onions
    2 eggs
    1 1/2 c. light cream
    1/4 tsp. black pepper
    1/4 lb. each Swiss and cheddar cheese, grated
    2 tbsp. butter
    2 tbsp. flour
    1 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
    2 tbsp. Parmesan cheese

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Peel onions and thin slice; saute in butter until golden. Spoon into pie shell.
    In bowl toss cheeses with flour. Beat eggs and add cream, salt, Worcestershire and pepper. Spoon cheese over onions, then add egg-cream mixture. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese over surface.

    Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes. Reduce heat to 325 degrees; continue baking 20-25 minutes longer or until inserted knife comes out clean. Cool and serve in wedges.


    1 (9 inch) pie crust (unbaked), chilled
    1 lg. chopped onion
    1 tbsp. plain flour
    2 c. shredded Swiss cheese
    3 eggs
    1 c. half and half
    1/2 tsp. salt

    Saute onions in 2 tablespoons butter. Put cooked onions into unbaked pie shell; spread evenly.
    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

    In large bowl, toss cheese and flour together; spread over onion mixture. Using same bowl, beat eggs, half and half and salt; pour over mixture. Bake 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Reduce to 325 degrees. Bake 30 minutes more or until knife comes out clean. Cool. Cut into wedges.

    hope these help. good luck and enjoy.

  4. jupiter said :

    try using a deep dish crust or a spring form pan with your favorite crust dough ,then, assuming a 9inch deep dish crust ,you will use a dozen whole eggs,a pint of 40% BF whipping cream a tsp gnd nutmeg,1/2 tsp gnd corriander1/4 tsp cayanne and 1 1/2 tsp coarse(kosher)saltbeat the eggs with a wire whisk until they are light lemon colored add the spices amd salt and give it a quick whisk to incorporate them,set this aside

    In a heavy skillet place a tablespoon of butter and place that over a medium flame add about 1 1/2 cups of thinly sliced white onions sautee until they start to caramelize a bit ,remove all but 2 T from pan and set aside ,the remaining two T, you will want to brulet’ them ,that is caramelize them a good deal farther than the onions that will be in the filling when they are all about a medium nut brown remove them to a sepparate dish and set aside as well ,arrange the lighter onions in the bottom of the crust ,and up the sides if you are using the spring form pan ,add a good pound or so of shredded swiss cheese ,sprinkling it over the onions ,til they are all covered ,if this is not enough then add more cheese ,up to another 3/4 pound add the reserved egg mixture and fill the crust to within 1/4 inch from the rim of the crust place the browned onions in the middle of the pie in an artsy fashion then, place this “pie” into a jellyroll pan or similar type of shallow baking pan and fill the outer pan 2/3 full of hot but not boiling wathe ,bake at 275 to 300 f until a clean knife gently inserted into the center of the quiche comes out clean with NO egg on it( about an hourand a half or so) ,remove from oven ,cool for 30 mins and serve warm of put into the fridge for overnight and serve quite cold ,garnish with a small dollop of daisy sour cream ,and some fresh fruit
    a white zinfindelor a light rose will make a good parring to this meal ,you could also serve a dry sherry as well bon-apetit

  5. thierrysmum said :

    on you pastry base put in 6eggs beaten with 3/4 pint of milk and 8oz of strong cheese then put the sliced or diced onion in and bake at gas mark 5 for about 3/4 hour

  6. TTC a little lamb :) said :

    When you say thick, you mean more filling? Just add more egg/cream/milk mixture than the recipe shows! And you can just leave the bacon out of a normal quiche recipe. You could add small chunks of Feta cheese and chopped peppers for a tasty alternative.

  7. lawtherjan27 said :

    self rasing flour buter lard mix with ur hands till crummbled add water roll out withe rolling pin put some flour on the bench first the roll in get a quiche tin or dish rub it round with some butter then put the pastry in .it in a bowl add 3 eggs and white gratted cheese and chopped onions mix together and add to the dish put in the oven for 25 mins till soft and light fluffy enjoy it add side saled or chips


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