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What are good comfort foods while your sick?

I’m looking for some good foods to cook for my wife, she’s pregnant and is disgusted by soup currently, I need some good recipes, link them if you’d like! Please and thanks.
She has a cold, and is pregnant, which makes her not like soups, sorry for the confusion.

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8 Responses to “What are good comfort foods while your sick?”

  1. Mintee said :

    pregnancy is not an illness.. lol
    I craved watermelon and tacos when i was pregnant.. couldnt get enough of either.. strange…
    each womens cravings are different.. why dont you ask her what she wants..

  2. Thomas Magnum said :

    I have no idea about pregnancy, but when I’m sick I like roast beet with plenty of hot horseradish sauce, the good kind not the mayonnaisy kind.

  3. SolomonTheWise said :


  4. Il Tiramisù said :

    Porridge (oatmeal / rice – Congee) would be warm and nice

    Japanese soba which is simple and appetising but its cold

    Ginger chicken with plain white rice or rice noodle, ginger is good to fight cold.

    Stewed chicken with vegetables

    I guess she doesn’t has much appetite so go something simple would be good.

  5. chefgrille said :

    Anything she wants. I know I love my husband’s breakfast casseroles when I’m sick. Potatoes, cheese, eggs, sometimes chorizo. I know pregnant women can’t stand some smells, so you have to work with what she can stand.

  6. Esteban Scott said :


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    To your health.

  7. Garrett Mason said :

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  8. Londyn Clark said :

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