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Is green tea good for you when you are sick?

Is green tea good for you when you are sick? Like when you have a cold? Somebody is telling me that chamille tea is way better.
Thanks CKY and the rest of you. I feel better already. I’m going to go drink some tea.

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5 Responses to “Is green tea good for you when you are sick?”

  1. Jackie said :

    Green tea is very good for you, even when you’re not sick. It’s definetly one of the best teas for you. Hope you feel better!

  2. jfl said :

    Both teas are great for you Green tea helps with weight loss and is an anti oxidant.

    Happy drinking

  3. hugsandhissyfits said :

    I love green tea I buy it all the time and drink it.But,huby and the rest of them say it taste YUCKY!
    It has tons of postives for you so,i say drink away!!

  4. epic_laydown said :

    green tea contains many substances that may benefit your health. studies have shown that it boosts your immune system, it helps prevent some forms of cancer, and it fights free radicals in your body with it’s antioxidants.

    Green tea should help you get over your ailment, but usually drinking lots of liquids in general (no sodas or artificial drinks) will help. Chamomile helps relax you it may help you get more rest. the important thing is get a lot of rest and take it easy. And drink green tea when you are healthy to prevent getting sick!

  5. andrius n said :

    I have tremendeously great tea recipe! It helped me everytime I felt sick! Headache, cough, etc.


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