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What are some creative ways to add a zing or spice up sour cream to use on tacos?

I am cooking ground beef tacos tonight and want to enhance the flavor of the sour cream. I have some limes and fresh cilantro at home so I was thinking of mixing up something. Does anyone have any ideas? I am open to anything at this point.

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12 Responses to “What are some creative ways to add a zing or spice up sour cream to use on tacos?”

  1. hottie phat girl said :

    Perhaps add some pico de gallo seasoning to the sourcream. It adds a nice kick to it.

  2. dichotomymom said :

    A bit of lime and some cayenne pepper sounds great; just make sure you don’t use to much juice as the sour cream will curdle.

  3. Abby said :

    mix with chili verde

  4. Lensure said :

    If you have put a few drops of Tabasco sauce and stir well then add 1 or two cloves of crushed garlic it gives it a good kick. I do this all the time I also add avocados it makes a good Guacamole

  5. ~Susakins~ said :

    Use the limes and cilantro, add some salsa to it too. Maybe some Tony sacheres…

  6. libbyami said :

    1cup sour cream
    2tablespoons chopped green chiles
    2teaspoons chopped jalapeño peppers* (optional)
    2teaspoons lime juice

    Preparation: 1.Combine all ingredients in small bowl; mix until well blended.

  7. ctea said :

    a little chili powder and oregano is delicious.

    looks nice also.

  8. TX2step said :

    LOTS of chopped cilantro is always good … If you have any salsa, you can just mix it into the sour cream… or add chili powder, cumin, cracked red pepper and a little tabasco … don’t forget the sliced avocados and chopped tomatoes too!

  9. Miami Lilly said :

    I’ve mixed the sour cream with cilantro and lime juice, and it tastes great.
    Another idea is to put the sourcream in a food processor with one or two chipotle peppers and a touch of the adobo sauce they come packed in..spicy, but yummy.

    I remember seeing someone on foodnetwork adding cilantro and 2 tbs. of tequila to 1 cup sour cream…mmm..tequila

  10. S L said :

    if you are using the taco seasoning packet to make taco meat add some seasoning to the sour cream. its very good.

  11. morningstar9292 said :

    Use the cilantro, a little bit of the lime juice and throw in some sazon seasoning.

  12. frogsrgr8t said :

    you could add some chili power or some ground cumin. That may add a nice flavor; and color as well.


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