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What are some healthy, yummy and easy to eat appetizers that are not cream based?

I’m already serving a couple things that have cream cheese in them so I’d like to offer something else that doesn’t contain dairy.

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5 Responses to “What are some healthy, yummy and easy to eat appetizers that are not cream based?”

  1. Chetak. said:

    Vol au Vents are always popular and one of my favourite is curried shredded chicken and a little sauce.

  2. K Syrahツ said:

    Bruschette on garlic toasts.

  3. Jeff said:

    Crostini Pomodoro

    get some italian bread and slice it about 1/2 in thick. use a fancy cutter and make the rounds for crostini. drizzle a sheetpan with olive oil. place crostinis on sheet pan and drizzle with more olive oil, dust with salt, garlic powder, and pepper. toast at 325 til brown.

    small dice five or six roma tomatoes. chop two or three cloves of garlic, or more if you like. saute the tomatoes on medium heat with some olive oil and salt and pepper. turn heat down to low, and add garlic. do not let it brown. I like to make this the night before so the garlic and tomato flavors can marry.

    for service, top the rounds with the tomato and garlic mix and some olive oil..just a drop or two. i leave half the crostinis bare and add a small flatleaf italian parsley leaf. the other half i top with grated romano or pecorino and toast under the broiler for a minute and drop one or two of the tomato dice on top for garnish.

    other crostini toppings…

    lemon pepper chicken. marinate boneless skinless chicken breasts in lemons, olive oil, onion, and ground black pepper. sautee or roast. i put them on a sheetpan and seal it with foil and bake them in the oven, so they will be juicy and tender. let the breasts cool. cut into small dice. very small.

    take the zest of one lemon per two breasts, some fresh rosemary, thyme, and sage…chop finely, julienne some granny smith apple and add to chopped herbs, but hold back some julienne and soak in lemon juice overnight for garnish-yum, add olive oil, diced chicken, lemon juice to taste, salt and pepper. best to make this the night before.

    for service, cut some julienne of lemon zest. spoon chicken topping onto crostinis, and top with a drop of olive oil and lemon juice, some of the julienned apple and some longer pieces of lemon zest. you can also substitute the crostinis for this one with leaves of belgian endive.

    you can also make thin slices of a sweeter apple, and soak them in lemon juice overnight…these are unique, delicious, and dont turn brown..serve them cold. You can also soak the apples in vodka…no more than a day though..heh.

    im getting long here, but i hope that gives you a couple of ideas. good luck

  4. redlexi3 said:

    ok, so I am not sure what kind of palette you are catering to but I have made these and they were a huge hit!

    Fried Green Tomatoes

    * 4 large, firm green tomatoes, cut crosswise into 1/2-inch-thick slices
    * Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper
    * 1 cup yellow cornmeal, preferably stone ground
    * 1/2 teaspoon paprika/garlic powder
    * 2 large eggs
    * 1/2 cup vegetable oil, for frying


    1. Season tomatoes with salt and pepper. Mix together cornmeal and 1/2 teaspoon paprika/garlic powder in a bowl.
    2.Lightly beat eggs in another bowl.
    3. Heat oil in a skillet over medium heat. Dip tomatoes in egg, and dredge in cornmeal mixture. Working in batches, fry tomatoes in a single layer until golden brown, about 3 minutes per side. Let drain on a paper-towel-lined plate.

    This recipe makes about 20 so if need be double the recipe, I have served them both alone or with a pesto sauce.

    They are fun, conversation starter, and super low maintenance

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