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What are some of your favorite Christmas recipes?

I love Christmas and I was just getting some ideas for some Christmas cooking. 🙂

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6 Responses to “What are some of your favorite Christmas recipes?”

  1. christine said :

    double egg. and TURKEY! lol

  2. Jen-Jen said :

    gingerbread cookies
    latkes–especially zucchini and feta chese latkes
    brigadieros (Brazilian Chocolate caramel candy)
    Rouladen (German meat dish)

    Guess where my family originates…LOL

  3. Buffy said :

    Hope this link can help you

    I can’t choose anyone for you. I wanna eat it all >_<

  4. GoodgirlgoneBad said :

    Bread pudding

  5. Wild Irish Rose said :

    I love almond thumbprint cookies with a chocolate kiss in the middle…YUM!

  6. chefgrille said :

    We either have turkey or a ham. The turkey is studded with garlic, slathered with butter and lemon juice, and the lemon rinds and sage and rosemary are tucked in it. The ham gets a beer-brown sugar glaze. And garlic cream cheese mashed potatoes and homemade sourdough stuffing. The sides always change, but never squash anything.


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