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What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?

What are some healthy recipes that work for my family? That we can all eat together?
weight loss (Me)
high cholesterol (My mother)
high blood pressure (My step-father)

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9 Responses to “What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?”

  1. Apple Jacks said :

    Mini Cookie Worm:

    1) Stack 8 cookies, spreading frosting between cookies to secure.

    2) Stand on edge to resemble a worm.

  2. mikey's mom! ツ said :
  3. wedos said :

    always use wheat anything if you’ve got a choice,use spices instead of salt and fry if you have to in olive oil.Go to food network they have a whole section on healthy eating

  4. Shayna said :

    Not that this would be a whole meal, but I love banana peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat toast with cinnamon. I make the peanut butter myself so I don’t have to worry about hydrogenated vegetable oils.
    You just make a pb & j sandwich but replace the jelly with a whole or half sliced banana.

  5. Kathy said :

    Make a delicious chicken or ground turkey chili. Chili is very healthy, low calorie and low fat and everyone can eat it and enjoy it.

    This site has some delicious chicken and turkey chili. It has lots of great ideas for how to have it your way, every way.

    You can also take any of the ground beef chili recipes and substitute ground turkey and make delicious turkey chili recipes

    Chili freezes great so you can freeze leftovers for future meals.


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  8. Sene said :

    Hey girl! thank you for an amazing video it relaly changed my idea about weight lost ALOT. I was wondering if you can do a video about what you like to eat as your meals and snacks! It would relaly give alot of people and me a good idea about where to start if they decide to  cut off processed food and sugar out of their diet. Thank you so much, u are inspirational

  9. Shafique said :

    YMMD with that anrswe! TX


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