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What green tea is best when you want to lose weight? Is Arizona green tea okay to use for it?

I wanna lose some weight, not a lot just like 5-10 pounds. If I drink Arizona green tea (Red Apple) will the tea still work for the weight or no?
If its not good, where could I buy the good kind? Whats it called?

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9 Responses to “What green tea is best when you want to lose weight? Is Arizona green tea okay to use for it?”

  1. funkadelic_chimps said :

    Green tea spends you the metabolism, any green tea will do this. So yes Arizona green tea is fine. green tea is also high in anti-oxidants which prevent cancer.

    White tea (not normal tea with milk! its the buds of the green tea plant) is even better for you than green tea

    Drink peppermint tea after you eat, itll help you digest your meal

  2. Lydia said :

    Arizona Green Tea has high fructose corn syrup in it, so a big giant NO to that! Just brew your own, pour it in to plastic bottles & refrigerate. Way cheaper, too!

    You can buy green tea bags at your local grocery store. Some common brands are Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, and Twinings. If you are too lazy to make it yourself, The Republic of Tea is a good, healthy brand that also makes bottled teas in addition to tea bags. It should also be available at the grocery store. If not, here are the websites:

    Just remember to always read the ingredients! If it’s got anything other than tea and water it probably isn’t good for you.

  3. Prue said :

    umm… one question is that iced Arizona tea? The one filled with calories and sugar?

    Just drink plain pure green tea. Go to for natural teas. Also if you like green tea iced try diet Snapple green teas, diet Lipton’s, or diet Arizona ice green tea.


  4. slurpee189 said :

    arizona green tea wont work. it has a ton of sugar in it. it’s like ice tea. if you want to drink green tea i suggest buying green tea you have to brew your self with hot water. a cup of that only has like 5 calories compared to a can of arizona green tea which has like 250 calories.

  5. Mary said :

    Put a tea bag in cold water, let it sit in the fridge for 15 minutes. Add ice and a teaspoon of honey.

  6. Margaret K said :

    Organic Slimming Oolong Ti Kuan Yin Tea is a good weight loss tea. It is also called Goddess of Mercy Tea. Oolong teas are used in a lot of Chinese restaurants so you have probably tasted it when you were at one.

    Some people believe that it is due to the benevolence of the Goddess of Mercy that this tea is sometimes referred to as “slimming” oolong. (In her mercy she’s made it easier for people to shed a few pounds!) Although Western research is still inconclusive, in China, Ti Kuan Yin is drunk with meals to help foster a feeling of satisfaction without the need to gorge oneself on the pleasures of the table. The cup is full bodied with deep almost winy notes that help fill the belly. Whatever you choose to believe about this tea two things are certain: one, it’s a delicately profound cup and two, it’s great with meals, particularly spicy ones. Pour a cup and give thanks to the Goddess of Mercy.

  7. Peter P said :

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  8. TechPlusConsulting said :

    The arizona tea has tons of sugar in it and isn’t really a “DIET” tea. I’d go for something gourmet and loose leaf so the flavor and antioxidants (and weight loss ability) is higher.

  9. lilyfrog1025 said :

    Arizona will not work because it has High Fructose Corn Syrup which will most likely cause you to put on weight. Green tea is best for you if it is completely natural and brewed from a tea bag. I have also wondered about it’s effects on the metabolism and from what I hear you would have to drink several glasses every day to speed up your metabolism.


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