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What is a good website for healthy recipes?

I have never really cooked before except for things that can be thawed out from a package or poured out of a box. I would love to start experimenting with making ACTUAL dinners that are made from fresh vegetables and other things that are currently foreign to my cooking knowledge. If you know of any good sites, please tell me! Oh, and I stress HEALTHY recipes because I try to keep my diet pretty low fat and low glycemic index. Thankyou!

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5 Responses to “What is a good website for healthy recipes?”

  1. Chenanagan said : or have any type of recipe you want! Also, Weight Watchers has GREAT recipes to make at home. I made them for my husband and my teenage sons liked the food too!

  2. ALEX said :
  3. doc_is_in.1954 said :

    I like recipezaar. They have thousands of recipes and provide a “Nutritional Breakdown” of EVERY recipe submitted to (and approved by) them.

    That’ll be 5-cents, please.

  4. c_h_u_mm_y said :

    try looking for healthy recipes here:

    It’s a cooking encyclopedia that everyone can edit. You can also ask questions there.

  5. Alex Cruz said :


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