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What is best way to learn to play guitar?

Besides taking private lessons.. What is the most effective tool to learn to play guitar? I am interested in bass guitar, but reg. guitar is just fine. Any tools out there, as rosetta-stone is to learn foreign language, what is most effective tool for learning guitar?

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4 Responses to “What is best way to learn to play guitar?”

  1. ladydreamer254 said :

    Taking a class is a good alternative to private lessons.

  2. nowhereman136 said :

    There are three things about playing guitar.

    and Scales

    Chords are for playing rythm guitar and can be used in jam sessions and play almost any song

    Tabs the individual notes that you would hum when think of a song

    Scales are used in guitar solos and inprov. is the best place i’ve found for all of these. its free and has almost any song you can think of.

    Learn the chords. it may seem tedious and you’ll want to sway more towards the tabs but you have to learn the chords.

    find some friends who play guitar, at school or at a music shop. jam with them, learn off them. all the lessons you need are from other players just helping each other out.

    So go to that site. learn the chords. jam with some firends and have fun

    good luck

  3. Triviality said :

    Find a friend who plays and either ask for advice, or “jam” with him/her. This, you see, is a way of getting private lessons for free. Seriously, save yourself frustration and time. The best way to learn is by doing and having other people around to help you through the tough spots and avoid the pitfalls. No book, tab, or video is a close substitute. Good luck!

  4. Koby said :

    If you don’t want to take private tutor (I agree it might be very expensive), the other great method is online guitar lessons.

    you can search youtube for some free lessons (you’ll have to put some time into this to find the good lessons) but I personally recomend buying an online guitar course.
    There are few that are really good and beside the video lessons, jamming audio files and ebooks, they also provide many other important stuff like how to read music and tabs, how to train your ear to music, playing in different styles etc.
    You can find out much more at

    Happy playing,


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