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What’s the best way to learn to play the guitar? Acoustic or Electric? Also can I still play with big fingers?

I’m beginning to learn the guitar and need some helpful advise how to do so without getting ripped off.

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3 Responses to “What’s the best way to learn to play the guitar? Acoustic or Electric? Also can I still play with big fingers?”

  1. Ringo said :


    learn electric and play your favorite songs
    get a pick to solve the big fingers

    how to read


  2. hiphop. anonymous said :

    In all honesty, the best way is to take lessons. Even if it’s just a couple to get a basic idea of how to hold a pick and strum and whatnot. Otherwise, learning from TABS is pretty much the only other way. I would suggest learning basic chords first, it’ll make everything easy in the long run. TABS will show you what notes to hit, but it wont show you how to position your hand. If you have a basic knowledge of chords, then it’ll be easy.

    Acoustic or electric? I started playing the acoustic when I was about 8 or so. The sound and everything about it is awesome. When I finally got an electric guitar at 17, it was ridiculously easy to play. The strings felt softer, and I didn’t need to press down as hard. Barre chords were easier also. For a beginner, I would definitely recommend an electric guitar.

  3. V4zCeNt said :

    There is much debate over this.

    Acoustic Pros
    -develops hand strength faster
    -develops callouses faster
    -easier to switch over to electric

    Electric Pros
    -easier to play, quicker to learn on
    -capable of playing a wider variety of songs (in my opinion)

    I feel what it really comes down to is what type of guitar you WANT. Gasp! Pick the kind that you feel you’re more apt to play.

    And yes, you can still play with big fingers, as a matter of fact it can be an advantage at times (not always though).

    Go to some user friendly lesson site, ex:


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