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What influences people to pick up a guitar and learn to play?

i was just wondering what influences people to start learning to play the guitar. also, when you are learning guitar, what pushes you to keep learning instead of stopping (what do you hope to accomplish when people are learning to play)

thanks for all the help. i appreciate it

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6 Responses to “What influences people to pick up a guitar and learn to play?”

  1. Brian Reigeford said :

    the music.

  2. allie v said :

    the love of music, i sing and i just started piano and guitar… it is just thee love of music for me also it helps with writing music if you can play an instrument.

  3. Thomas K said :

    I started the guitar with the reason being that I wanted people to think of me when they thought of someone who had some sort of talent. I started by being a person who didn’t really have many talents. so, i started the Guitar for a bit. At first, I played a little bit. Sometimes I would go for up to a week without playing. Now, however, I am really loving playing the gutar, and just bought my own new one today. What keeps me going is listening to songs of people who are amazing at playing. I listen to them and want to be that good. That is one of the main things, but i am still going for social recognition.

    Hope that Helps.

  4. lil bit said :

    Some people like alot of music and instruments. They probaly start to play one because they see how well someone else plays it. And they keep playing it because it’s different sounds and chords

  5. winterwolf2112 said :

    You want to be a part of the music you love. Also to contribute to it. You don’t stop because of your dedication and enjoyment of playing.

  6. Triumph said :

    For me it was being hooked on Black Sabbath music, and the ominous moans, groans and wails of the sound of that guitar. The more I listened to it the more I needed to do more than just listen to it….inside me was an urge to create that sound myself.

    I needed to learn how to play. So I did, and it took a lot of work and time, and frustration (and some money, too). And now here I sit, 3 electric guitars, one acoustic guitar, 3 amps, many footpedals, and a few multi-effects pedals later. And to me, I’ve never considered any minute I’ve ever spent playing and learning to be wasted time.

    I’ll probably play for about an hour here pretty soon before i go to bed.

    Its a rush to play a song spot-on…its fun, it sounds cool and it feels great, especially when I go through and play a song to perfection, or a close to it as I can. Oh, and people love to watch and listen, too. I always hear the same thing, too, “I wish I could do that!”


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