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What is the best how to learn guitar book you can get??

i have guitar but i can’t play it cause i don’t know how. i really need a book to teach me but i just don’t know which one to get. i need the best one that can teach me. i want to play so bad.

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3 Responses to “What is the best how to learn guitar book you can get??”

  1. Kenna S said:

    I also play guitar and it is very hard to learn but u can also go online..and go to and type in guitar chords. I have the book “Guitar chord bible” it helps so much. It shows what finger to put on what fret and string for each chord.

  2. jwenting said:

    You don’t need a book, you need a teacher…

    Either personal instruction or a good DVD/video course.

    While there are many websites promising to teach you to play, they jus don’t deliver. They’ll teach you to bang out a few chords and that’s it, they’ll call you a guitarist while all you can is bang out some chords to a few songs.
    And many websites (and book authors…) dare to charge for that disservice.

    Playing the guitar is far more than banging out chords, however many chords you know.
    And just cramming more chords into your head isn’t going to change that in any way.

  3. lpgbn said:

    I’m trying to learn too. I heard that Guitar for Dummies is a good book if your learning guitar. I don’t have it, but I’m going to read some more reviews and buy it if it sounds any good.
    Guitar for Dummies 2nd edition

    I found this book The Heavy Guitar Bible
    The reviews on amazon and other sites are good. I’m going to buy it in a couple of days.


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