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whats the best instructional dvd to learn guitar for a complete beginner?

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3 Responses to “whats the best instructional dvd to learn guitar for a complete beginner?”

  1. sarah said :

    GuitarHero3!!!!! It rocks!!!!! JK

  2. bebopolis said :

    to shred – paul gilbert. he puts out lots of instructional videos. go to the guitar center and check out the video section. there will be videos for all styles of playing that may or may not have rockstars leading them.

  3. chessmaster1018 said :

    There are quite a few of them…I’ll give you some of the sites where you can order them and you be the judge. I’ve taught classical and acoustic guitar for years and some of the sites that I’ve seen are great for learning on the Internet or from DVDs, videos, Cd’s, and on line tutors….There’s nothing like a private teacher but I know that a lot of kids cannot afford them, so this is the next best thing. (click on the guitar, this site also has a free electronic tuner, and where it says chords click on that and you name the cord and on right they show you how it is made, they also have a lot of interesting things for guitarist, just scroll up and down and read the different things)

    Free Sites : ( I think that the paying sites are better, but maybe you’ll get something out of these sites !!!!!)
    I hope that you find something here that will get you started, there are also free lessons on youtube, I have no idea what there like, because I’m not crazy about the free sites, there not very complete !!!!!


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