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What is the most popular food in America and Canada?

Please make it clear on which food is from what country. Please reply as soon as possible. Don’t just write any food, only reply if you know the answers.

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6 Responses to “What is the most popular food in America and Canada?”

  1. Kian said :

    I would say Hamburgers or Pizza in America, not sure about Canada though.

  2. Every Which Way said :

    German sausages; Frankfurters and Bratwurst, in the US

  3. The Unknown Chef said :

    I am a former chef and in both Canada and the US our diets are very similar, the US likes Hot dogs, Hamburgers and French fries, apple pie, but here in Canada we are a bit more diverse, we will eat ethnic foods, more a healthy diet full vegetables, less grease, but still enjoy the same foods as the US, smaller portions and more veggies.

  4. Patti said :

    burritos here in the US

  5. Samantha said :

    hot dog and pizza for US but not sure about Canada

  6. Reuben said :

    Chicken and pizza in America.

    Don’t know about canada


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