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what the most popular way to give up smoking?

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7 Responses to “what the most popular way to give up smoking?”

  1. lilnif said :

    Go cold turkey

  2. alessandra 2002 said :

    buy a patch and dont smoke eat candies or use chewigum.

  3. Ch0rE said :

    the easiest is to go cold turkey and do something that is far away of you having a cigarette.

  4. Chris I said :

    Go cold turkey. All the addictive properties in cigarettes are flushed out of your body after 3 days. So it is all mental after that point. I used to smoke (and quit cold turkey several times), and the second day was always the hardest.

  5. Hermit lover's wife said :

    crash your remaining cigarettes, spit on them, throw them in the bin and say out loud ” I dun need you anymore!!!! “

  6. vitthal said :

    start drinking

  7. vf29_sandman said :

    if u want the easiest way to give up smoking, go to the doctor, and have him write u a prescription for a new drug called chantix. its a pill that u take 1 a day for the first 3 days, then 2 pills a day after that; 1 in the morning, 1 at night.
    it eliminates 99.9% of the cravings when taken as directed. it isnt exactly cheap….about $116, and some insurance co’s doesnt cover it.
    i can tell u for certain after 22 years of smoking, u will be able to easily quit smoking within 2 weeks after starting it. nicotine is the addictive thing in cigarettes. this will help u overcome this powerfully addictive substance.


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