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What is your favorite pizza brand and topping?

Just for fun! Please answer both parts, thanks!
ex: Home Run Pizza, cheese

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11 Responses to “What is your favorite pizza brand and topping?”

  1. Random Sarcasm Generator said :

    Little Caesars with pepperoni, olives and green pepper.

  2. Carlotta said :

    I would have to either either Papa Johns or… Tally Ho
    toppings: cheese and olives..

  3. Money said :

    I would have pizza hut because the bread is oh so delicious its light and crispy. And i love mines with cheese mushrooms and peperoni

  4. eileen said :

    dominoes and peperoni & sausagee :))

  5. Katie said :

    i would have to say papa johns, onions green peppers and italian sausage… mmmmmmmmmmm! :]

  6. no shenanigans said :

    shakeys!!! pepperoni

  7. ♥ Bella 21 >.< ♥ said :

    Pizza Heaven – Hawaiian
    dominos = pepperoni 😀 😀 😀 😀 – cousin

  8. Me Want Cookie! said :

    dominos, extra cheese

    or local pizzaria, chicken, onion and broccoli or sausage and peppers

  9. Jill S said :

    Any one can make my pizza-it’s all so yummy and I love it with the works on it besides anchovies, olives, or hot peppers! =)

  10. Caitlin said :

    Dominos with cheese, peperoni, mushrroms and black olives!

  11. NO NO NO NOT0RiOUZ said :

    Pizza Huts stuffed crust with extra cheese and pepperoni


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