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What’s your favorite place, time, and way to fry an egg?

I usually fry them over easy, with salt and pepper, sometimes a bit of spicy sauce. I’ll eat it with toast, or sometimes throw some sharp cheddar on to melt, and put it in a sandwich. This is usually on either a Saturday, or Sunday morning.

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8 Responses to “What’s your favorite place, time, and way to fry an egg?”

  1. CYNTHIA said :

    Breakfast with a full English . Any day is good.

  2. josh said :

    I like them best for dinner, sunny side up. And I eat them with steak and diced tomatoes in a melted cheese sauce served over top of garlic bread.

  3. LindaLoo said :

    cooked in small amount of turkey bacon grease – overeasy, salt & pepper with toast & bacon for someone else or if it is for ME I like it as an egg sandwich w/mayo and turkey bacon on the side.
    Breakfast for everyone else
    lunch or dinner for me!

  4. Brian B said :

    I love a nicely poached egg with a bit of salt, pepper, and a dash of Louisiana hot sauce.

  5. packerfan said :

    Over easy in butter or olive oil. Add a little pepper and soak up the yolk with a slice of toast.

  6. solve said :

    My quick and easy Huevos Rancheros…

    I fry up 3 eggs with a little Pam…While they are cooking, I take 3 flour tortillas and warm them in the microwave for 30 seconds in a wet papertowel…Then I warm some enchilada sauce from the bottle in a small bowl…Once the eggs are cooked, I pour the sauce on the eggs, slather the tortillas with sour cream, and put the egg/sauce mixture in the tortilla…
    I make sure to have lots of napkins because it is really messy but so good…It is my favorite Sunday morning breakfast 🙂

  7. Gwendolyn said :

    My husband likes his over hard with the yolks broke with Cayenne pepper and lots of black pepper served with sausage links and 2 pieces of toast.
    I like mine over medium with Nature’s Seasons with two pieces of toast to mop up the yolks as well as sausage links on the side. But when my grandson is over for the weekend he and I have to have scrambled eggs lol

  8. tophel said :

    My favorite eggs taste like eggs. I prefer to use really good eggs, preferably from a local farmer. I find that they don’t need a lot of extra flavor to make them taste good. Just a bit of salt, though when I’m feeling wacky the Jane’s Krazy Mixed-up Salt is nice.

    Technique is the real key. I like my fried eggs with the whites cooked all the way through. The yolk should be thickened, not runny, but not solid, either.

    To achieve that, I use steam. I start by heating butter (or, if I’m in a dangerous mood, olive oil) in a pan. Usually a nonstick pan, but if I happen to have a cast-iron pan of the appropriate size at hand, I’ll use that.

    When it’s fairly hot, I crack the egg into it. Usually just one egg, because we’re talking about a midnight snack here. Not a meal, just a little protein to keep down the hunger pangs as I’m trying to fall asleep.

    I immediately cover the egg with a lid from a small pan, and turn the heat down. The lid traps steam, cooking the egg on top, and most importantly cooking that thin film on top of the yolk. I could just make the egg over-easy, but that risks breaking the yolk, and it’s not as attractive.

    Also, the very fresh eggs tend to stand up very tall, as opposed to grocery-store eggs which spread way out. That tall egg doesn’t cook evenly when it’s turned over.

    Timing is a bit tricky, but after all this time I’ve got a pretty good sense for what’s going on under the opaque lid. (I suppose I could get a glass lid, but that’s just more crud in my kitchen.)

    A sprinkle of seasoning (the aforementioned salt) is all it really requires. I’ll usually make a slice of toast to go with it, which has to be started before the egg because I have the world’s slowest toaster.


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