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What’s a fast and effective way to learn guitar in the shortest amount of time possible?

Is there like free software or even a website that is entirely dedicated to learning the guitar (without having to pay for membership on that website)?

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7 Responses to “What’s a fast and effective way to learn guitar in the shortest amount of time possible?”

  1. ♫ Lυcy ♫ [∂ιмє ѕιѕ] said:

    I guess the fastest way would be to look up tabs and learn the songs. Obviously start with some easy tabs for intros or simple riffs then build up and do harder ones. But…guitar is something to be learned in the “shortest amount of time possible”.. =/

    Plus if your heart is not in it, then you’ll probably give up when it gets hard.

  2. jazzman1943 said:
    there’s loads of free guitar lessons on youtube

    also checkout for training your ear

  3. Metalhead said:

    theres always gonna be the rip off software that they sell you.

    but, you must know that the most effective way to learn is with a teacher. You can’t ask the dvd questions and recieve responses, it’s not as easy. Plus those videos tend to progress too fast. You need a teacher there to tell you whether or not your using correct technique.

  4. Mega D and The Squad of Detheads said:

    I hate when people ask this, DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS WITH THE GUITAR! My students ask me well how can i learn to play sweet child o mine in a week i go practice as much as you can and if your lucky you’ll have it down then.

    But there isn’t anything that’ll teach you how to play the guitar faster than anything but their is stuff that can help you understand the guitar fast check out sites like

    those are some good tab sites and they have forums where you can get help from fellow musicians but their isn’t anything that’ll boost your technique in a month except to practice your @$$ off

  5. Ravennnnn ;) said:

    if you know anyone who plays a guitar get them to help you.
    like my uncle used to be in a heavy metal band and he is teaching me.
    and other easy was is instead of looking at notes like a b c scales and sstuff,, find a song you wanna know how to play for example, lets just say walk by pantara. go to google and type in guitar tabs for walk. and what i do is get the tabs, play them on the keyboard/piano, and then try the guitar becuz the notes and tabs are the same. i hope this helped 🙂 if you need more help you can add me on myspace. or message me back on here 🙂

  6. bob said:

    Yes without a doubt. And I wont pass along attitude like others here.
    Ive played for over thirty years and it took forever to learn. Now there are ways to learn in much less time. The best one is the link I left below. You learn EVERYTHING by videos , multitmedia, games, and even playing along with other tracks. Ive seen people play SONGS pretty well in just a couple weeks. Take advantage of modern technology.

  7. Stan said:

    “Shortest amount of time possible…..?”

    Do us all a favor and never touch any musical instrument again for the rest of your life.

    Or maybe I could come over and waterboard you and force you to learn the guitar?


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