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When you give up smoking, how long does it take for the craving to cease?

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9 Responses to “When you give up smoking, how long does it take for the craving to cease?”

  1. rishi b said :

    Dude i gave up smoking for 3 weeks. Was doing fine.. no cravings.. Then one day, my friend just lit up a smoke after lunch and i got a wiff of the smoke.. Thats it, the craving just rushed back to me.. This is where the difficult part begins! I caved in 4-5 times. But after that i was ok. Still am smoke free now.

    Good luck

  2. dymond said :

    I lasted 18 months before I gave in hubby is still smoke free after 4 years. Some people it goes away in 3-5 days others it’s still there 5 years later ,It depends on how addicted you are and how bad you really want to quit.

  3. nursesusiep said :

    your body gets over the need for nicotine rather quickly..within days…but the mental cravings…..never. There will be a lot of times when you won’t think about it but then there is that one day you will want one soooooo bad. Hang tuff….it goes away again. I quit 7 months ago and was the hardest thing I have ever done…but also I know if I start again I will have to go thru THAT again…nope…not me…staying smoke free here..

  4. Lucy said :

    A long long time.

    I gave it all up over 25 years ago and every once in awhile, especially sitting around after dinner or sometimes in the morning while having a coffee, the thought crosses my mind. However, the smell just about makes me gag so I could never go back to it.

  5. kathy_is_a_nurse said :

    Physical withdrawal symptoms last anywhere from between 48 hours to two weeks. This can vary depending on the amount you smoked and your physical condition and psychological make up. However, even once the nicotine is out of your system, you will have desires to smoke which will feel very much like withdrawal symptoms. They are not. Your mind is playing tricks and while the cravings will ease over time, many people report sudden resurgences of their cravings even years later…especially when they are in some type of emotional crisis.

  6. dlmrgnk said :

    I reached for my pipe for a couple of years after quitting. It was circumstance related. Smoke from a pipe can still trigger a little “thought” about how good it would be after 25 years.

  7. SubJ said :

    Goes on reducing with passage of time.

  8. byron101540 said :

    Normal swing is 3 day, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years
    you will have craving spells

    If it is really tough, ask Dr for some anti anxiety medication like Ativan ~ I only used a couple but it really helps

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