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For smokers: Give up smoking or not take the job?

Let’s say all jobs require nicotine screening like drug tests. Would you still smoke, not taking the job, and rather be unemployed, or would you quit cold turkey?

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7 Responses to “For smokers: Give up smoking or not take the job?”

  1. answer-man said :

    psssh if i keep smoking i die from lung cancer in a box homeless.

  2. erica [in bloom] said :

    oh, i smoke the other herb lol.

  3. Kwikflips said :

    my dad quit smoking 4 months ago and he loves every minute of it because he is saving money and alot of it and the house smells better

  4. Mahendra said :

    i will take the job,….forget smoking.

  5. C_Starz2 said :

    Take the job and keep smoking, in no time they will come up with something to cleanse your system, just like they do for weed. theres always a loophole.

  6. Letty said :

    Le proble8me ne se limite pas a l’odeur des hbiats apre8s la visite d’un tel endroit mais les conse9quences sont plus graves puisque nous sommes force9s a fumer sans le vouloir. Et le TABAGISME PASSIF est nocif. Il est en effet susceptible de causer le cancer du poumon, des maladies cardio-vasculaires, de l’asthme ou des infections des voies respiratoires. Le tabagisme passif entraeene la mort de plusieurs milliers de non-fumeurs chaque anne9e.Cependant le BOYCOTTAGE n’est pas une solution. La majorite9 des gens fume au Liban. Donc un restaurant ou n’importe quelle place publique pre9fe8rent eatre boycotter par les non-fumeur que les fumeur. Ainsi l’espace de liberte9 des non-fumeurs se limite a leur maison (e7a si les parents ne sont pas des fumeurs). Alors je propose de lancer une Pc9TITION par exemple sur facebook a propos de ce sujet, et si c’est possible de la transmettre au ministre de la sante, tout en espe9rant voir la formation du cabinet avant d’eatre tous asphyxie9.

  7. Wfaa said :

    i used to smoke as well and it wasn’t because of any caipamgn but more for health reasons and to a lesser extent i didn’t want to spend so much of my money on smokes. i sometimes wonder as well how many ppl actually are influenced by such caipamgns….


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