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where an online site where i can learn to play guitar?

i have absolutely no idea how to play a guitar, and my cousin just gave me his.

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5 Responses to “where an online site where i can learn to play guitar?”

  1. slipknot n lamb of god! said :

    youtube thats where i learned all my tricks you learn from natural pros!

  2. Chad said :

    there’s hundreds of lessons in videos on youtube

  3. scruffy ;-D said :

    talk to him and find out where he learned or just go to a music store and ask then for where you can get leasons at a good price and in a small class (small classes are better bc the instructer interacts more with you personaly and you learn more !!)

  4. Andrea said :

    As others have said – You Tube is a great place to see people showin’ what they got.

    However, there are MYRIAD other places to look – just google ‘Free Online Guitar Lessons’ to pull up countless sites offering countless lessons.

    And, because no gee-tar post would be complete without a shout-out to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee… I also recommend where you will find beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons, for a number of instruments, in every style imaginable

  5. hexv said :

    PluckandPlayGuitar has free video based lessons for absolute beginners and assume you know nothing or close to nothing.

    It takes you step by step through the basic guitar chords one by one. There’s also lessons on guitar scales, techniques and some easy songs to play.


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