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can someone recommend a site so my 12 year old can learn to play guitar online and for free?

my son wants to learn to play guitar and someone once told me that there is a website that teaches for free.

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6 Responses to “can someone recommend a site so my 12 year old can learn to play guitar online and for free?”

  1. joel g said :

    try you tube there our lots of free vids on there not always the greatest but some are quite helpful and simplified for beginers. and they have advanced classes as well

  2. N N said :
  3. gtarczar said :

    Invest in some music lessons with a qualified local instructor! Plenty of research has proven that getting a child involved in a structured music program immensely helps them with math, spatial skills, hand – eye coordination, dexterity, cognitive functions, and it actually raises a child’s I.Q. Plus it gets them out of the house instead of sitting in front of the computer for hours! most local stores have one or more instructors and the going rate is approx. $50.00 per month for a 1/2 hour per week.
    even if the child does not continue playing very long the benefits mentioned above are PERMANENT. This is something that will enrich the childs life. do you and your kid a favor and invest in lessons!

  4. Janet A said :

    there are great free sites listed here:

  5. stevieplews said :

    the best website to learn guitar from is

    it has all the songs and scales you coulod possibly want with online video lessons and tab to read yourself. tab is a simplified version of guitar music and i am 13 and i can read it and ive been playing six months and it took me a day to figure out so im sure he can too.

    hope this helped.

  6. gryazev.glebn said :


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