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Where to learn to play guitar quickly and easily while effective?

I dont have time to take lessons from training school. So I’m thinking getting lessons online.
If u know a good place to learn to play guitar, do share with us:)

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9 Responses to “Where to learn to play guitar quickly and easily while effective?”

  1. S said :

    ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS website is prettty good
    help me please

    PLEASSEeee answer mine now??;_ylt=AmgBfPEF7M5Ld7y6qNIhQtnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100102222438AABeGHy

  2. Norm Jones said :

    Hello there,

    Here is a link to a series of video lessons at Youtube. This guy has a series of 12 lessons and covers the basics pretty well. He uses an electric guitar in these lessons, but much of the material translates well to the acoustic. I think you can pick up a lot of information from these.


  3. ceritis said :

    You can start with some basic lessons here

    This site also has list of the most popular online courses

  4. Andreios said :

    There is NO shortcut… You just have to put in the time and effort. I’ve been working my ass off practicing guitar for the last 7 months… I can barely play 4 simple songs. Basically, it’s a gruelling, time-consuming process. Even with natural talent, it takes time… Lots of it…

  5. Tom Fontana said :

    There are a bunch of guitar learning websites that can help, for example and give free video guitar lessons.

    Once you learn the basic techniques, learning to play easy guitar songs is really motivating, since you won’t be practicing simple exercises (which gets boing), but real songs.

  6. KAZI said :

    Youtube is full with junk it will miss guide you.
    the best place is :

  7. Devon said :

    the only way to maximize ur time is by playin and learning from other guitarist that are better than you. they’ll b able to show u and recommend certain things that while help ur progress. online lesson can only do soo much, u need interaction.

    note: whomever told u that u can learn by using tabs is an idiot and probably sucks.

    guitar is a musical instrument not a toy, so u need to learn basic musical theory. learn musical notation, ur major scales (circle of fifths tie into this), and chords+triads. after the major scale u can work with the minor scale (Aeolin mode….learn modes. they r really easy after u learn how to play major scales), pentatonic scales (blues, major, minor pentatonic), plus the other modes

    some more advice:

    keep practicing. guitar uses muscle memory (which takes 3000+ reps) so u can play fluently w/o the choppiness.

    learn some scale patterns in as many octaves as u can (practice at least two octaves, this helps u become more familiar w/ the fretboard)

    learn to read sheet music FIRST….THEN go to tabs. u’ll hate urself if u do it the other way around. if u wanna become a well-rounded player u need to be able to read sheet music

    LISTEN to music. if ur thing is punk, listen to jazz guitar and classical guitar. explore more genres and try to imitate the styles, this WILL make u a better player.

    MOST OF ALL: dont puss out cause its too hard. its a instrument, it requires work, and work=time. if u wanna suck, then ignore me, if not prepare urself for greatness.

    have fun

  8. Lori said :

    There are lots of great websites and youtube videos for learning guitar. But u have to stay away from those videos, for they can not teach u from the beginning to the end. While some have value, a lot of those really don’t have much substance. If a guitar book with video lessons is supposed to be helpful for u, such as jamorama. It teachers learners according to their levels, offering pictures and videos and explaining very clearly. U can have a look at of it. Good luck!

  9. Ross Portener said :

    Yes, there is a short cut to learn all scales, just go to You will obtain a formula to play all scales, it will only take you 0NE lesson to understand. Guaranteed.
    Learn all scales in the key of C, they will give you a basis for melody, harmony, chord structure, arpeggios, all other lessons.
    Please contact me if you have any doubts.

    Regards, Ross


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