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Did you give up Smoking?

How hard was it? I think people exagerate how hard it is because they have no good reason to stop?

I stopped 3 years ago and cut off dead no cutting down or any of that nonsense.
I don’t appreciate being called a liar! Why would I lie about this?

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7 Responses to “Did you give up Smoking?”

  1. Chefed#1 said:

    I smoked for 33 years and tried quitting 6 times .I finally stopped on June 23 ,1998 with the help of wellbutrin or zyban .
    I am proud to say I haven`t gone back .

  2. susieq said:

    Haven’t stopped because I haven’t felt the need to.

  3. Aqua said:

    I stopped six months back , never had any trouble,
    I just quit coz it was consuming me and i never had a reason to smoke ,
    Just the urge n it died in four days.
    I just convinced myself its does no good and more negative i thought about smoking more good i used to feel to not be smoking

    Many of my friends think i have more will power , they cant just do without it .
    I think its more a psychological addiction than a physical one , it makes me feel more clean and fresh.

  4. badboilerrat said:

    My wife did,cold turkey-I’m very proud of her,she gave up several other bad habits at the same time.

  5. lisa said:

    I quit almost 11 years ago (On Feb 5). I reluctantly used the patch. My husband begged me too, and I just did it to shut him up! I used it for 9 days. I think the best trick I used though was this… I put my cigarettes on top shelf in my garage, and my lighter on the other side of the garage on a top shelf. Everytime I wanted a smoke, I would make myself wait; maybe 10 minutes, maybe just 2 minutes, depending on how bad the craving was, then I would have to go to the garage and get them. I would only allow myself to smoke outside, I had to put the smokes away in the gargage again, wash the ashtray, and brush my teeth. Many times, I would just skip the smoke, because it was too much trouble. Sometimes I just seemed to enjoy the smoke even more! Mostly though, it was just a pain in the rear!

    I still crave one every now and then, but I know that I don’t ever want to go through “quitting” again!

  6. anoldmick said:

    I quit; not once but twice. It was d*mned hard each time…VERY d*mn hard! If you’re telling me that you quit with no difficulty or discomfort, I’m telling everyone you’re lying!

    I taught, after I quit, a smoking cessation class sponsored by my employer, a local hospital, for years. I remained in close contact with our clients for months after the class, too. All those who succeeded in quitting and staying quit after two years admitted it had been very, very difficult.

    In addition, I’m a veteran. I’ve worked in a military psychiatric setting where we dealt with men and women who were struggling with heroin and other such substances, and who smoked tobacco as well. We found, and the patients agreed, that quitting smoking tobacco (usually cigarettes) was harder than quitting heroin! Now, wise guy – you wanna tell ME people exaggerate the difficulty of ceasing to smoke? If ya do, I have a few more things to say to you: Get OUT of here! G’wan, GIT! Shoo! Beat it! Scram, ya phony!

  7. Mark G said:

    One day when I was about 16, I went to have a smoke and suddenly I no longer liked it. I stubbed out the cigarette and threw the packet away, and haven’t had one since.
    I occasionally get a craving when someone else is smoking, but not enough to start again. I guess it was easy for me because I wasn’t a heavy smoker, and had only been doing it for about 4 years.
    Maybe if I’d been smoking 40 a day for 20 years it would have been a living hell.


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