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how can i get my uncle an grandparents to give up smoking?

my granparents have been doing it since they were 12 an grandpa is 71 an my grandmama is 65 an my uncle starting doing it when he was 20 so what should i do HELP thanks

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4 Responses to “how can i get my uncle an grandparents to give up smoking?”

  1. Julie V said:

    good for you that you want to help them to stop. Maybe you could make them aware of many new products and prescriptions on the market to help them quit. my daughter tried many things to get her grandma to stop smoking-she even printed up a picture of a smoker’s lung and gave it to her-but nothing worked my, mom was never able to quit. she died 2 years ago with a brain tumor

  2. joanie said:

    I,m sorry to say there,s nothing you can do,except to pray they quit.
    I smoked, for 40 yrs.& my Husband did to. I started getting very sick all the time,with Sinus infections,& lived on Antibotics11 Mons out of the year,but i still smoked.I hated smoking,i watched my Mom die of Lung Cancer.I still smoked. When i would start to quit,i always found a reason i needed ato smoke. I tried everything to quit,no i still lit up. When i had my first Grandchild was born,i decidedto quit,cause i didn,t want my Gkids,to see me smoke,& maybe cause them to suffer the way i have. We stopped,Hubby, went cold turkey,& i used the Gum.We didn,t let anyone smoke in house or car. They could smoke outside. It,s been 10 yrs. now. I thank God, for my stopping& Gkids. There Happy. It,s hard,but you look into those kids eyes& the Quilt, should make you quit. Good Luck! Bad nerves is no excuse, i use that one for yrs. If i can do it the whole world can too

  3. MAC said:

    There is nothing that you can do personally. They have to do it themselves.

    You could request that they not smoke in your home and go outdoors.

    If, that is not possible, when they light up, you can go outside until they are finished.

  4. kwhotrods said:

    You can not make someone quit.If you try,you will only cause hard feelings.They will quit when they are ready.


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