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How can i give smoking up?

i smoke about 10 sigarettes in a day . kent gold 1 . nicotiana 0.1 ml . it’s very light . but i cann’t give it up . i’m tired of it ! could anyone guide me ? thank you
i’m university student . when i studing my lessons (i studin civil eng.) and before sleeping i so craving to smoke !
i smoke since 3.5 yrs

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11 Responses to “How can i give smoking up?”

  1. rahimj_27 said:

    You’re almost here, now just stop it and keep yourself busy, don’t think about it and avoid hanging out with smokers.

  2. the Boss said:

    It’s a hard habit to break. I quit 6 years ago by chewing nicotine gum. It really made the times I was craving a smoke easier.

  3. Larry said:

    Different people have different ways that work for them . But will power is the common denominator.

  4. Byakuya said:

    my dad used to smoke, and he quit cold turkey.. one day he just decided “I’m not gonna do this anymore” and he didn’t.. that was 30 years ago and he hasn’t smoked since..

    most people can’t do that though.. I’d suggest trying the gum.. chew a little every time you want a cigarette.. gradually try to cut back on the gum.. it won’t help if you don’t really want to quit though.. my sister claims she wants to quit.. she’s tried the gum and it didn’t work because but she loves smoking too much..

  5. m c said:

    Sometimes we just have to go cold turkey.

  6. BH said:

    Don’t confuse can’t with won’t…it’s not that you cannot give it up, it’s that you currently choose not to.

    For some people, weaning off cigs works…make the gaps between your cigs longer and longer so that you are smoking less, and eventually none at all.

    Cold turkey is another method that some people use, as weaning just drags it out for them. Put them down and don’t look back.

    Then there is the patch, the gum, the pill (wellbutrin), and the inhaler.

    Try various methods until you find one that works for you.

  7. C B said:

    Hi – It took me several attempts to quit but when I finally did (3 1/2 years ago) I used the nicotine patch and used the 1-800 line to the Lung Association who greatly assisted me whenever the cravings got too bad. I would also tell myself when I got a bad craving that I would do something else for 10 to 15 minutes and usually that got me thru the craving. Good Luck – I know it can be a bitch quitting smoking.

  8. hailfeal said:

    give your bank card to someone else for a few days so you have no money to buy smokes. the temptation will be there but you won’t be able to get a cigg. if you really need a smoke bum one. you’ll feel like crap for being a bum and its just one smoke.

  9. for2000 said:

    My suggestion is changing your living evironment, like moving to another place where it’s not easy to buy the cigarett, or you are not allowed to light cigarette ,such as working in forest. after that you can move back . Try to make a big decision!!!

  10. simon c said:

    Not only is smoking a physical addiction but a psychological condition as well . When you first started to smoke there was a certain reason that motivated you to to take it up and continue even though you probably didn’t enjoy everything about it .Something made you want to continue and I’m sure it was not the taste.
    To quit the habit you have to break the habit , the psychological imprint that pushes you to smoke. The method I used after having smoked for 20 years was visualization. Will power is necessary to see that you stick to the schedule of visualization. When I stopped there was no great craving to overcome , I didn’t even think it would work so how happy was I when on the appointed day I just stopped . If this interests you get in touch and I’ll tell you exactly how I went about it

  11. Brooke S said:

    When I quit I went cold turkey. I went through a lot of chewing gum and had diet sodas around me all the time. When you get cravings it’s also best to find some thing to do to keep your mind busy: wash the dishes, sing in the car, go for a walk, take a nap, etc. Avoid people that smoke and stay away from places that allow smoking. Recognize the times that you are use to smoking, for me it was right after a meal or drinking alcohol that rose my cravings… avoid those triggers. Eat smaller meals through out the day so that a large meal does not feel you up and you feel that need to smoke, don’t drink alcohol if you smoke when you drink… work around these things.
    Soon you will be able to start to smell ciggerettes on people and the smell will disgust you.. this is when you are reaching the point where your cravings are diminishing.


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