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How can i give up smoking??

i’m almost 20 now ,i’ve been smoking for 7 years almost , a pack a day, and i want to quit but it’s really hard especially when i go out and my friends light up cigarettes around , so i am asking what did you do to quit? or what do you think would be the best way to stop? etc.

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23 Responses to “How can i give up smoking??”

  1. Alli said:

    Nicotine patches.

    My fiance is 24 and had been smoking for 10 years. He starting using nicotine patches in March and hasn’t had a cigarette since.

    There are also gum that can be used, but I’ve heard it can become habit forming and hard to get off of.

    There is even prescription drugs you can have your doctor prescribe you. I’ve heard these work really well.

    Stop hanging around the people that smoke. If they do decide to light up next to you, go in a different room, or go inside if they are all outside smoking. You also have to want to quit. I’ve read that like 70some% of smokers say they are “trying” to quit and hardly any of them ever do.

  2. kgj12642005 said: helped me, that and the patch and excercise and staying away from those who smoked until I had the monkey off my back. Good luck, nasty habit to kick.

  3. Eva Mayer said:

    Shouldn’t have started……I wouldn’t know, cause I don’t smoke

  4. Trichelle said:

    Talk to your doctor, they can help you fine the perfect thing that will help you so you aren’t trying multiple different things until you find the right one for you

  5. joker said:

    The way I did 6 years ago, you just quit, grow a set of balls and deal with it. You can beat this in about 4 days cold turkey. Good Luck and be strong. Keep a pack of gum on you it helps.

  6. the man said: check it out. i’m just after preaching this to someone else. the book had me quit pretty much overnight with practically no withdrawl symtoms after 4 years of 40 a day. same book got my uncle off them after oh, about 40 years of smoking. it works. it really really does. good luck. you’ll be saving a fortune in no time!!!

  7. maggiejugs said:

    I have not smokedin 2 years the way I did it I used to smell my friends after they smoked to get the feeling of had smoked the part that was the hardest was the phone and not having the cig to hold try dring from a straw when you are stronger you will not be tempted and will not like the smell

  8. Shelby Cobra said:

    i just quit smoking period for like 3 months. I tried one the other night at the bar and i almost died, i felt like a 12 year old trying them for the first time, it was gross.

    also try getting a pack and leave them sit open for like 2 weeks and then smoke them, i bet they would taste really nasty and maybe turn you away from them.

    other than that talk to you Dr about what methods would be best for you and maybe write you a prescription for something.

  9. T_Time said:

    You have to want to be a nonsmoker. You may have to remind yourself of this several times a day. When you want to light up, tell yourself that if you light up you will not be a nonsmoker. But you have to really want it.

  10. howcoulditbeso said:

    Quit Cold Turkey…either you can fool yourself and make excuses all your life and die young or you can be a man and tough it out for a week and quit and live a life span God meant for you to live…ask this to your self are your friends worth it if you die at 35 of lung cancer?

  11. joejd123 said:

    The reason most people smoke is habit. What you need to do is combat this, by using association, for example, whenever you feel the need to smoke, eat a piece of chocolate, or something else you like. This may well stop cravings, since your body will assosciate craving a cigarette with craving chocolate. Then you need to beat the chocolate addiction 😀

  12. rpen said:

    I dunno if this will help every smoker, but my mom used to have this professor at college who used to be a heavy smoker, one day, he just placed an unlit cigar in his mouth and kept it there for a while (I think an hour or a few minutes), then he felt sick or something and since that day stopped smoking

  13. Mr. Melaza said:

    Cold Turkey!

  14. Taubet c said:

    its probably difficult for you wanting to stop and being around people who do
    just an opinion try chewing Tabasco is not the best way out but once you stop the habit of graving a cigarette
    maybe you will stop
    you can try everything there is out to try stokers tobacco gum
    look up on Internet some more info
    very much luck

    you can try getting new friends some non smokers good luck theres probably very few

  15. 63'vette said:

    Well, try to narrow it down to a pack every 3 days, and then after about 3weeks like that, try a pack every 5 days with the adition of nicotine gum and/ patches, from there wait about a month or two and move only to gum and patches for how ever long it takes(hopefully no more than 2-3 months) and then buy maybe a new TV or Car with the money you save, so that you have another reason to stop and not start again.

  16. steveconsilvio said:

    cold turkey is how I quit, twice.
    The first time lasted about two years. The second time is 25+ years.

    First thing to do is to stop buying them. Then slowly change your habits. Generally there are “triggers” of when you smoke. Like a Pavlovian dog you have trained yourself. Become self-aware, and do something different following the trigger.

    I remember being in college, and always lighting up after class. I quit over the winter break. When I got out of my first class, I immediately went into the hallway to light up a smoke. Of course, I didn’t have any.

    These days smoking isn’t allowed in the hallway probably, but you get the idea. Redirect your triggers.

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  18. William B said:

    I smoked for 35 years and layed them down and refused to pick them up.It takes a lot of will power but you can do it

  19. Uncertain said:

    talk to ur doctor about it. also u can try smoking less than a pack each day and less and less until u only smoke 1 a day. then try smoking one every other day until u dont smoke.and also i think that u should just chew gum whenever u want to smoke. just regular gum. itll keep ur mouth full. also try keeping ur mind off it. talk to someone, play a instrument(if you noe how) etc. it aloso seems that ur friends arent really helping you quit. tell them ur trying 2 quit and maybe they wont smoke around u. or maybe they might even join u in quiting 2! anyways ,im glad ur don’t give up. good luck!

  20. ANSWER MAN said:

    stop buying them

  21. M said:

    Good for you in making the right decision for your health. Its incredibly difficult and you have to honestly, truly, with all your heart WANT to quit. This is probably one of the hardest things it is to do. I quit smoking 3 months and 10 days ago and every second of every day is a struggle for me. I wont let a cigarette have that kind of control over me and sucuessfully fight it everyday. I was a smoker for almost 17 years between 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day. I quit cold turkey as other methods such as the patch, gum, etc still leave traces on nicotine in your system. Dont be alarmed if you gain weight, since tobacco is a stimulant when your body starts to detox your metabolism will slow down. You will loose the weight dont worry – your whole body becomes out of whack as your begin to detox. Just goes to show you how much of a harmful hold cigarettes has over you and your body. You will balance out as time goes on without smoking. I also found silly putty (yes remember when you were a kid) helped keep my hands busy and away from cigarettes and food! For me a major struggle was the time part of it – its time for a cigarette – you know just ate, take a break, out here and there with friends, coffee, etc. Its just part of your daily life and routine – you do it without realizing it. Just take each minute of each day at a time. When you get through the first day be proud of yourself as you have done well and once you have the first day behind you think about the next day. The power of your mind will overcome everything and anything you put your mind to. You will be happier and healthier for making this important life decision! Not to mention you will smell better. I never realized as I was so used to the smoke how bad my clothes, myself, car, etc smelled from the smoke until I quit for a bit and smelled a smoker walk past me. All the best of luck to you!!! Also I took my “cigarette money” of what I would spend in a week and buy something special for me instead of cigarettes because I did good that week. Something to look forward to.

  22. Levi said:

    Well Im 29 and I have smoked since I was 16 -17ish. I have tried everything. It wasnt until I made an apointment and got on Zyban and combined with many different changes in my life that I was able to totally kick the habit. Its so sad that many people do not understand how deep the addiction runs.

    Yeah Zyban isnt for everyone…. but I reccomend it as it has worked wonders for me!

  23. erri said:

    I think the habit of smoke is deeply rooted in daily life.
    I was never able to stop smoking, but to diminish I’ve found some well fitted strategies:
    1. Don’t smoke cigarettes, but hand-rolled tobacco. You will easily discover how smoke is a fast gesture, and needing to roll avoid you to smoke some cigarette.
    2. Smoking your tobacco, you can’t exchange cigarettes with other.
    3. Don’t smoke in your home. Don’t smoke when you are studying or reading or watching TV. Leave the room instead and go out – in the street or terrace. Leave ash-trays from rooms and put them in terraces. A smoke smelling house or room isn’t healty. This will easily break the mechanical gesture of light up.
    4. Don’t smoke at work or in school closed areas. As above, go out to roll your cigarette.
    5. Try Gym and sports, and involve your friends. If you all are smokers, it will be an easy task to spot how smoke has bad effects on fitness. You all need only a weekly football match to make clear how less smoking means more running. If you don’t like football or team sports, try swimming and bike.
    6. Smoke is an expensive habit. Having a pack a day, it’ll cost 80 € a month. Bet with yourself, choose an item (cloth – CD collection – your favorite artist live) and keep money safe in 2/3 months…


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