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How can I give up smoking once and for all?

I have been smoking 20 per day for the past 20years.

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5 Responses to “How can I give up smoking once and for all?”

  1. Silvia.D. said:

    First you have to prepare yourself mentally and want to quit. I quit smoking 4yrs ago cold turkey, but it took a while to prepare myself mentally.

  2. emt_me911 said:

    You sound just like me.

    I’ve been smoking for more than 20 years…a pack a day or more.

    I just started the Chantix program a few days ago. In just 3 days, I have gone from smoking more than a pack a day to 5-6 cigarettes a day. While on Chantix, you can continue to smoke for the first week while you let the drug build up in your system. After that, it’s goodbye smoking. You continue on the Chantix for another 12 weeks (longer if necessary).

    I can’t believe that I’m already feeling the effects of it and my desire to smoke is decreasing. While I’m a little grouchy and tired from not sleeping really well, I actually do feel better. And it’s only been a few days!

    Talk to your doctor about Chantix. You need a prescription to get it and it is expensive. My insurance didn’t cover it and I had to pay out of pocket. However, to me, it’s worth it. I have tried every other method to quit there is. I have failed at them all. However, I am ready to quit…I WANT to quit…I NEED to quit.

    Good luck to you. Feel free to email me if you want.


  3. surveymause said:

    Cold turkey is the best way. But beforehand make your self very sick from over smoking. About 80 to 100 24 hour.
    You will have a nicotine poisoning experience and that will help in your fight against this addiction. Look at it this way-its not food or drink[just smoke and smog], soon there will be no place to smoke legally anyway, cost more and more money and putting aside your lungs and heart it also makes you kind of stupid [brain damage from toxins].You don’t want that , do you???

  4. chere t said:

    Count on yourself and go ‘cold turkey’. Forget all the meds which claim to help you…you are your best helper…many of my friends did it this way and so did I many years ago and we never returned… is only a bit diffiucult for the first 2 weeks but then you are free.,..finally free without any other dependents…only yourself. You can do it…Cherie

  5. Susan Yarrawonga said:

    There are many recommended strategies and tips that you can find in a search for “quit smoking” in the Search for questions slot.


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