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How can I teach myself to play guitar without going to training school?

I think it will waste lots of time taking lessons. I prefer learning playing guitar online at home. I can learn faster:P How to teach myself?

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8 Responses to “How can I teach myself to play guitar without going to training school?”

  1. Mister J said :

    There is a book that is part of the famous series of how-to books available called “Guitar for Dummies.” or your local bookstore would have it.

  2. ceritis said :

    Here will be some guitar lesssons

    and here are the best online course in the web

  3. 252dog said :

    Well You could get books, reaserch internet and watch videos.

  4. Size9 said :

    You are correct. The fastest way to learn is online. That way you can learn at your own pace. However, I would suggest taking a reputable course that teaches the latest techniques.

  5. ming z said :

    It is easy!
    what you need is only a guitar lesson book.

  6. Todd said :

    Many recommend teaching yourself with online lessons, but I believe, a guitar course on DVD is better, because for most people it’s more comfortable to sit with their guitar in front of the TV, and not cramped at your desk next to your computer monitor. This is especially true if you have a widescreen TV.

  7. Zero Hero said :

    As much of a waste of time and money as it may seem, having a proper music teacher show you how to play guitar will be the fastest way for you to learn.

    Otherwise, if you’d rather teacher yourself, invest in books. Go down to your local music store, there are always books there to help you with guitar like “Guitar Playing For Beginners,” “Guitar Basics,” etc.
    Check out tab sites online as well. Once you’ve learnt how to read tabs (they’re pretty simple to read), just start trying to learn some really simple riffs like Seven Nation Army, Smoke on the Water etc.

    Take everything slowly at first. You just need patience really and you’ll get there. You won’t be playing like Hendrix straight away, but if you stick to it and keep playing you’ll get there in no time 😀

  8. deap said :

    If u wanna learn how to play guitar, u must have a strong will and persistance first!
    Second, it’s much better for u to have a teacher guiding u. Of course, it consumes
    money and time. But u can get an ebook with video lessons. Among those tutorials,
    jamorama course has a serial lessons ranging from beginner, mid-level, high-level,
    rock, blue etc. It will show u how to play guitar by pictures and videos. If u keep
    learning from jamorama, playing guitar will not be ur dream any more:)


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