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How do I train a 3yr old dog obedience?

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6 Responses to “How do I train a 3yr old dog obedience?”

  1. kate_katastrophal said:

    Treats and nice voice tones.
    Dogs are great at reading body language

  2. Pishi said:

    Best thing to do is to bring him to some dog obedience classes. Check yellow pages on your area or try There are plenty of good people who can help you.

  3. daisy5263 said:

    Send him to obedience school…

    Here is a site that may help you at home..

  4. rebelde587 said:

    Call the dog whisper. Have you ever seen his show? He is awsome!

  5. jeff g said:

    He’s getting to old now.

  6. Ripley said:

    Same way you teach any dog. Get into a daily routine. If starting from scratch, begin with heel. Thats the best way I know to teach a dog to pay attention to you and get them puppy mind wheels turning.


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