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how do it give up smoking ??

i ave tryed at least two times already bt it only ever lasts until im out with my friends or out drinking

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8 Responses to “how do it give up smoking ??”

  1. Jayinem said:

    It’s gonna take a few times (most likely). Don’t give up!! It has taken me about 6 times, and this most recent time I’m doing very well (2 years). Prior to that I made it 8 months a couple of times. The other times were as short as a couple of weeks.

    Friends are/were the hardest part. I had to quit hanging out with my smoker friends (I hang out with ’em about once a month now, at most) and that made a huge difference (tons easier!).

    I found Wellbutrin helpful, but this time I just did it cold turkey. I also no longer say “I QUIT smoking”. Instead I say “I’m QUITTING smoking”. (Always in the present tense).

    Good luck! It’s worth it. The cravings fade over time and my clothes don’t stink and I have an extra $100 month.

  2. alfonso poofarty said:

    buy a tin of snuff. sniff a pinch when you feel like you need a fag. It will stop you wanting a fag, and isn’t as pleasant as you’ll find all sorts of nasties falling out of your nose, so you’ll be less tempted to keep sniffing, and gradually cut it out all together.

  3. zini said:

    It’s a good idea to get onto one of the schemes that are around to help you keep the motivation to quit. In the UK there are NHS support systems which help you keep track of how long you’ve been cigarette free, what you can expect to feel, and how your health is improving day by day.

    You can also chat to your doctor about getting a prescription for Zyban which makes it a lot easier to quit. It works to cut down your cravings a great deal.

    As for the social smoking, a lot of it is down to you. Ask your friends to not let you smoke, but you cant rely on them. It’s tough but after a few months of having quit it gets a lot easier to resist the peer pressure of social drinking.

    Good luck, you’re trying to make a good decision by quitting, i wish you all the best.

  4. Celsius said:

    Stop putting cigarettes in your mouth and lighting them, easy, eh?. “Dats how do it”. Don’t forget , more water in the whiskey next time.

  5. yua_nix44 said:

    I never smoke, but my family is a heavy smoker.
    But one instance my dad who used to smoke 2 to 9 boxes of cigarettes a day, died just unexpectedly. Since then my mom never smoked any cigarettes again. Even when people are smoking around her she never get the urges again.

    I guess you need a very tragic connected to smoking incident, you as a witness to be able to fully stop smoking.

    Hmm.. try watching movies dying of smoking. I don’t know if that helps. Or imagine yourself dying of smoking or someone close to you dying because of second hand smoking because of you.

    Sorry for the brutality.

  6. S J said:

    you could always quit drinking too!

    just kidding, i have tried to quit many times and i always fall back in after a few drinks. I try to only smoke on those occasions now and not when i am @ home or work, just at the bar.

    moderation in all things…

  7. Steve R said:

    Average person takes 8-10 tries before they quit completely. Just keep trying.

  8. Polay said:

    Take them to college and dtearoce your dorm rooms with them! Most people dtearoce their dorms with alcohol bottles, so this will be similar yet unique and different. Also, if you and your friend go away to separate colleges you will have a reminder of each other.If you think it’s too much trouble to do that, then you could always recycle them and probably even make some money.


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