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How does it feel to give up smoking? How long til you feel well?

I have been smoking heavily for 15 years and have never tried quitting before. I am thinking about it, but what is it like? I have heard during the first week or so, you cough up horrible stuff. I have never really woken up feeling healthy as an adult (been smoking all that time) – would this change? What else could I expect to experience while quitting?

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6 Responses to “How does it feel to give up smoking? How long til you feel well?”

  1. sassy dude said:

    I smoked for over 50 years and i quit cold turkey for a year. I did not quit for the usual reason. I just could not afford them anymore. I did feel somewhat better but after a year I started smoking again but only like 4 cigs a day. when you are off them the health differences are not that spectacular.

  2. free bird said:

    You’ll start feeling really moody and angry as if you’re mad at the world, don’t worry those feelings are just the withdrawal symptoms they only last a week or so.

  3. misty said:

    I just quit 5 months ago after smoking for the past 8 years (I’m 28). I had smoked up to 2 packs a day in college but was down to about 1/2 a pack a day before I quit. I used the patch, so the cravings weren’t unbearable… the toughest part was getting used to my commute without cigarettes.

    I didn’t cough up anything more than usual, but I’ve always coughed up nasty things, ever since I started smoking. I did have CRAZY dreams for almost the entire time I was on the patch. I don’t necessarily feel any better in the mornings than I did when I smoked, but I definitely feel better than I did on the patch 😉

    Do you work out? If so, you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. You won’t cough up a lung every time you exert yourself; you’ll be able to run/bike/swim for considerably longer than you could before. On the other hand, if you have a very sedentary lifestyle, there might not be a very noticeable improvement in your health.

    I HIGHLY recommend trying to quit. It can’t hurt!

  4. tiffcady said:

    Well I quit 6 months ago and I feel great since quitting. I am 38 and smoked since I was 15 and only tried to quit once. I did cough up a lot after quitting but no more than a bad chest cold. And once all the chest phlegm was coughed up, I HAVE NOT HAD CHEST PHLEGM since, in 6 months, THAT IS amazing! I also have not had sinus infections, only mild allergies instead of severe, only a few head colds instead of a lot like I used to have when smoking, I used to get severely clogged ears with colds, and do not anymore. I can breath deeply, I am not out of breath when climbing stairs or doing heavy chores. I DO wake up feeling healthy and thankful for it. I also really like not having to figure out how to smoke when I go out, since most places don’t allow it anymore and many people don’t even smoke in their homes. I don’t have to try to get a cig in before I go in a place, or feel a slave to “I can’t wait to have one!” when I get out of a place. That is a nice feeling of freedom for sure. I have also started eating healthier and loosing weight just because I feel so much healthier as a non smoker.

    AND I do not STINK anymore! It is amazing how stinky cigs are once you have been quit a while. I owe this all to the miracle drug CHANTIX I got an rx form my Dr and it is amazing how it works to make you forget to smoke practically! My mom and I both quit with it together. Be sure to sign up online and follow the Get Quit plan, that really helps alot to do the tasks there as you prepare to quit. You can do it, I was amazed how easy it was with Chantix. No withdrawal symptoms at all!! And I had no side effects either.

    I can say that I still do think of smoking on occasion, it has been a habit for so long, 20 years, it will take probably a few years I bet to totally never think of smoking anymore, if it even ever happens, and it may not ever totally go away. But I can live with it. The urge is not so strong that I even have time to give in, it is like a passing fleeting thought….like “hmmmm. a cig would have been nice when I was a smoker- right about now-” but then the thought is gone as fast as it came, and the Chantix does that. I do not keep cigs around ‘for emergency’ so it is not very easy to get one. Even after you quit taking Chantix – somehow it still makes you forget about smoking. I do go days and days with out thinking of smoking and that is nice. Then a few days may go by where I think of it more often, maybe just once, or 3-4 times a day. And if I need to I can take a Chantix to get thru an odd stressful day. They don’t prescribe it that way (take for just one day), but it does work. A regular rx has you take it for 3 months, I stopped after 2 months because I felt good and quit and didnt need it anymore, so had left overs, that I now use as emergency ‘get me thru a tough day’ pills. And it works. And my Dr would refill it for me if I need it. I may take one or two pills a month this way.

    Hey, whatever works to keep quit right? Good luck! You CAN do it! You will be very glad you did. It is very uncool to smoke these days!

  5. youbet said:

    You wanna try to quit?That’s great man.u will feel like u lost your best friend because u already addicted to it
    But it won’t last long. From my experience the first 2 weeks are tough one.Before u say goodbye to your cigarettes ask your self why are u smoking and why are u wanna stop smoking?The answer will help u to make decision.If u already stop smoked don’t even think about it again.

  6. Joshua H said:

    No way of saying, some people have no symptoms, others have withdrawal that goes on for months. Just give it a try. And if you’re one of the ones for which withdrawal makes stopping virtually impossible, see your doctor and get a prescription for Chantix.


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