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How long after giving up smoking before being in the clear?

I used to smoke and my insurance premiums are based on my being a smoker. However, now that I have given up, I want to be re-assessed on the basis of being a non-smoker. How how before insurance companies would consider me a non-smoker in this case?

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5 Responses to “How long after giving up smoking before being in the clear?”

  1. Girlz Rule! said :

    It takes two weeks.My grandparent smokes.Its a bad thing.P.S My name is Claire too. 🙂

  2. Insurance said :

    You need to be tobacco free for 12 months and then you need to put in a new applicaiton.


  3. frustrated said :

    I read another answer that is going to be simillar to this, with one big differance.
    Usually 12 months tobacco free. You should be able to ammend your current policy, not have to start a new one. That is not what you want to do. There is a 2 yr contestability period with all life insurance, and the premiums are based on your age. With that said, make sure you are making an ammendment and not starting over.

  4. jkrd156 said :

    You will need to be tobacco free for 12 months. They will probably test you and it will show if you smoked 8-10 month ago.

  5. Good♥Gyrl said :

    It depends upon the underwriting guidelines of the company, so you’d have to call and find out specifics. Typically, it’s 1 year from the time you last used tobacco products; however, some companies may be a little less stringent on this requirement. Tobacco products include smoking cessation gum and patches, as those will show nicotine in your system. In addition to the time frame (1 year, or whatever your company says), you will also be subjected to an oral swab test, most likely, and it will need to test negative for tobacco in order for the smoker rating to fall off and your premiums to be adjusted.


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