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i need help people… what are the best methods or tricks to give up smoking?

ive bin smoking for 4 years now i used to be a great basketball player but i started smoking after my dad died and i cant stop. it helps my nerves but i really want to stop ? gimme some methods or tricks?

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10 Responses to “i need help people… what are the best methods or tricks to give up smoking?”

  1. teenietinyPrincess said :

    determination !!!!!! use the patch for 2 weeks then stop it too..! ( people over depend on them ) and dont dwell, dont think ” ooo i cigarette would be good right now “…when the thought enters your head, quickly get up and do something…the dishes, a walk to get a glass of water, anything that replaces that thought/ urge..
    never look back…thats what i did 3 yrs ago….i was smoking almost 3 packs a day DETERMINATION

    u can do it…
    i rock and so can you !!

  2. sourbottlebabygirl said :

    eat nicotine gum

  3. Sherie D said :

    Just stop, throw your lighters, cigarrettes anything related to smoking away. I promise this will be the easiest way. I smoked for A LONG time and when I found out I was pregnant I immediately stopped. All you have to do is make is as unavailable as possible. Good luck!!

  4. prince_no_yaoi said :

    Meditation. It strengthens your will power.

  5. Lexie said :

    honestly, I believe it’s all in your head to smoke. Get over it, don’t wean yourself off it, just stop RIGHT NOW. Tell yourself you can do it! Maybe when you’re craving start chewing some gum. I don’t believe in the nicotine patches or anything. Some people use food to cope with losses, drinking or smoking. You need to understand that it is time to move on, and life goes on. I believe in you!

    Good luck, and I know you can stop smoking on your own accord!

  6. whatrent said :

    Start smoking a cigarette an hour for 2 weeks, then go to 2 hours for 2 weeks and so on.

  7. Bob H said :

    I’m right there with you! A friend advised me to pick a date to quit ( I’ve been smoking well over 20 years) and gave me Commit lozenges. Thing is, I don’t really want to quit, but it’s become cost prohibitive. There are a lot of stop smoking aids on the market, even a new perscription drug. My biggest fear is gaining a lot of weight. I’ll read the other answers to your question, I need the advice too. Good luck!


  8. Mr Ed said :

    Believe in yourself believe you can and will do it,and don’t give up,you can do it,good luck.

  9. STEVE C said :

    Since I started to work out I was looking for a good weight loss product. I was on a diet but I felt that I needed a little “help” so I decided to try this great product and I had fantastic results. You can check their website at , they give you a free trial and you only pay $6.95 shipping and handling.

  10. mistybcc said :

    if you are ready to quit then I would suggest starting with the 21mg patch. Use it for 1 month then step down to the 14mg for 1 month. This is how I quit smoking and I had smoked for 15 years. When you get the craving to smoke with the patch on get some sugar free lollipops or blow-pops. I just needed the motion of putting it to my mouth and them taking it out. That seemed to help a lot. I hope this helps and good luck. I hope that you are successful.


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