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POLL: i need to give up smoking but cant!!……?

any ideas on the best way?
hmm kill myself? i’ll consider that a last resort

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14 Responses to “POLL: i need to give up smoking but cant!!……?”

  1. Grimey Was Victorious! said:

    Your state will usually have a toll free support Quit Line.

    I just did a month ago, went cold turkey.

  2. bigalbert3215 said:

    Start dipping?

  3. frosted flakes said:

    buy some electronic cigarettes.

    they’re good for quitting.

  4. Pam R said:

    Tape you lips shut

  5. New York Diva Part II said:

    Do it.. can’t means you don’t want to.

  6. Evil Step Mom said:

    I found that most smokers (myself included) generally don’t smoke in their homes. So, when they go to have a cigarette, they stop whatever they’re doing and basically take a break. So, on top of chewing gum in place of a cig, =), stop whatever your doing like you would have when you would have smoked and take a break. But instead of smoking, stretch a bit and walk around every time you would have smoked and see if it helps.

  7. cld0n. said:

    find a new hobby!
    Um, watch a documentary on lungs and lung cancer, etc.
    And learn facts and such.
    I really hope you follow through with it. You just might feel like a new man after.
    And if you have kids/ever have kids they won’t be exposed to that kind of stuff.
    You know, simple things like that.
    Oh, and it will save you a TON of money.

  8. MANNY suspended3 [AGAIN] ADD ME said:

    IM me you sl ut =P i gave it up and its easy jsut say to urself ‘drugs are for thugs” lol

  9. sassy said:

    I know a few people who used Chantix and they all said it was great but if you don’t have insurance, cold turkey is the best way. I’m working on that myself. I’ve done it before but it is hard you just gotta psych yourself out when you want one. its just the first 3 days that you’re losing your mind but once you get past that you’re golden. it helps if you change the behaviors that trigger the urge to smoke. I’ve been doing that too. good luck dude.

  10. :)ǝɯɐu ou [suspended. backup #2] said:

    well i if you kill yourself that should solve ALL your problems right?

  11. VENKMAN said:

    I quit by chewing on carrots. Works and it’s healthy for you.

  12. Molly loves Luke and Zach said:

    I believe in you Luke! [:
    You’re way stronger then that stuff,
    And you’re to good for it too.
    I know you can do it if you try! <3

  13. Team Edward said:

    Chew Gum. It helps keep you distracted.

  14. yeahman said:

    I told my boyfrienndd too quit&& he did(:

  15. Tom Roberts said:

    I really like helped me quit smoking!


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