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Pregnant mommies what are you cooking for Christmas?

I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I’m moving on December 23rd which couldn’t be any more stressful with Christmas eve the next day. I’m probably crazy but I still want to cook on Christmas eve, I have a few ideas that my mother and I are going to make, but what is everyone else making?? What kind of appetizers are you preparing and what is going to be in the main course? Merry Christmas to all the pregnant mommies πŸ™‚

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10 Responses to “Pregnant mommies what are you cooking for Christmas?”

  1. Mrs. A said:

    I did a big thanksgiving so my MIL said she would christmas eve!! YAY. We are having prime rib and crab legs. I will probably make cookie or something. Then christmas morning we will have everyone over for brunch!

  2. Expecting #1 January 28,2010 said:

    No cooking here. It is just me and my fiance and that is WAY to much food for the both of us. *If* i cook, I will cook a ham just so we have leftovers as i believe labor is near for me and having extra food around will be good.

  3. Sexaymama said:

    boyfriend is cooking…ham/potatoes/noodles, the usual stuff…i may do some deviled eggs

  4. Proud Army Wife said:

    Luckily we split all the holidays and I don’t have to cook a thing until Easter.

    My sister in law did Christmas on my husband’s dad side, My mother in law will do Christmas Eve, and then my parent’s will do Christmas so I don’t have to bake/cook a thing!

    I don’t hear meal plans until someone calls and asks “will you eat that” so I am out of the loop right now.

    If you want a good appetizer dip I would suggest Buffalo Wing Chicken dip…it is AMAZING! and you should be able to get the recipe offline.

    I wish you the best of luck though.

  5. seamstress said:

    I am making Duck al’Orange with an apricot, mustard and orange glaze. Wild rice with sauteed mushrooms and vidalia onions, green beans with almond slivers and creamed baby carrots with mace. French bread with scallion butter. That is the dinner.

    The antipasti platter will contain: Shrimp cocktail drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice with parsley, hot peppers stuffed with italian ham and feta cheese, green and black Mediterranean olives, bread sticks, marinated artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes.

    Mimosas all around and some great Pino Griggio wine to top it all off. In moderation, of course.

  6. Spencer's Mom is 20weeks! said:

    cooking a turkey on the 27th when all my family gets here.
    waiting for them so i have help in the kitchen though because between my big belly and my 2 year old it would be crazy…

  7. 29 weeks with Rosie and Archie said:

    My husband, mother in law, and sister in law won’t let me near the kitchen, so i don’t have to lift a finger. My mum, gran and great gran are going to bring something over with them, and my hubby sister in law and mother in law will be doing the cooking. I believe it’s Turkey, Ham and Roast Lamb. I’ll be 30 weeks into my pregnancy by then, and couldn’t stand so long anyway. There’s going to be at least 17 of us for christmas dinner, not including the kids, and spending so long in the kitchen would drive me to distraction, or have me sobbing in a heap on the kitchen floor.. My hubby is the chef of the family and he’s hell bent on keeping me out of the kitchen, so he’ll steer me towards my favourite recliner, bring me a mince pie and a glass of non alcoholic wine, and with a quick kiss, disappear off to the kitchen to start cooking..

  8. Bombshell & Baby! Due β™₯June15β™₯ said:

    I’m cooking…NOTHING! πŸ™‚
    Our apartment is tiny (we need to move in a few months too…I’ll probably be just as stressed out as you are now!) and my father in law is a chef, so he always cooks the big meals. We’re going to the in-laws for Christmas. I think he’s making all the traditional stuff, Christmas ham, mashed potatoes, maybe eggplant rollantiti (they’re Italian)…I’m just looking forward to doing nothing!!!
    Merry Christmas to you too and good luck with everything! πŸ™‚

  9. Baby boy #2 due 4/22/2010 said:

    We’re going to my boyfriend’s Mother’s house this Christmas and she’s having me make the ham and a couple of pies. It’s nice because everyone brings something that way the meal preparation isn’t all on one person.

  10. New Mommy in May said:

    I just love these types of questions! Christmas morning my side is comming over for “Brunch” I am making this delicious apple french toast, an egg casserole, and croissants with hot cocoa, coffee, and egg nog to drink. Then for dinner we are going over to my husbands side’s. It is a huge gathering so everyone brings a dish. I am bringing sweet potatoes and stuffing for dinner, french onion dip and shrimp dip for appitizer, and pumpkin roll for dessert. YUM! I can’t wait.


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