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Spiritually speaking I am giving up smoking tomorrow , I am close to 80 , the Dr says smoking may kill me?

I am not giving up because of what the Dr says
Do you think it is worth the effort ?

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35 Responses to “Spiritually speaking I am giving up smoking tomorrow , I am close to 80 , the Dr says smoking may kill me?”

  1. 'maters Granny said:

    Yes it is. It will also help you progress in your bible studies. I will star this and tell my husband to answer.

  2. ✞★ church of fsm kitteh ★✞ said:

    no just keep smoking whats to lose now

  3. kc7655 said:

    why quit now? may as well smoke while you can

  4. No Chance Without Jesus said:

    It will save you money, and give you a few more days to reconsider your relationship with God….Go for it

  5. Red said:

    “Do you think it is worth the effort ?”

    The question is, do YOU think it’s worth the effort?

    Personally, I’d say yes, smoking is nasty. But, at the same time, I haven’t ever smoked, so I can’t really make a good estimation.

    Best of luck to you no matter what you decide.

  6. J J said:

    why quit…. why fix if it ain’t broken…..

  7. One Word Answer Man said:


  8. I like being raported said:

    Smoking a cigarette more than doubles your chance of stroke and heart attack for 24 hours. Quit now and never look back…don’t’ use nicotine replacement therapies at your age either.

  9. Ryan said:

    Every effort is a worth.
    BTW didnt you heard this from any Dr earlier or you ignored ?

  10. Metzae said:

    Your use of the phrase “spiritually speaking” here is confusing. Are you saying that you’re spiritually quitting smoking or that the doctor says that your spirit is suffering?

  11. PJ Morris said:

    did you know that due bible pages make excellent rolling papers? they’re so thin…

  12. Warrior of Light said:

    yes but do it carefully.

  13. sunshine said:


    I’ve never smoked so I cannot give you first hand advice on that particular addiction, but I can say that sometimes, we need motiviation above and beyond the desire even to enjoy good health and save a whole bunch of money. Draw on the strength of the Almighty.

    And don’t be too macho for nicotine patches.

    I’ll say a special evening prayer for you.


    PS: And don’t have an “all or nothing approach” its a horribly hard addiction to kick; there is a chinese proverb that echos the bible verse “fall down six but stand up seven”.

  14. bye kitty said:

    For Jehovah, why not today?
    Of course it is worth it. Smoking invites demons. why go one more day. do it now!!!!! but if you cant tomorrow is good too. don’t want to discourage you.

  15. DC2000 said:

    It’s a hard thing to do, but let me ask you this: What do you have to lose by quitting?

  16. debbie2243 said:

    yes….because you obey God by ridding yourself of a terrible habit of drugs. Nothing seems to be so habit forming than smoking.

    Lone I smoked too when I was learning the truth…even smoking at the same table with my teacher…when I learned that i should quit I asked God to take away the craving..He did and it was done…gave it up in one day…..

    My husband was also studying at the same time. He learned he was the head of the house and took exception to me quitting …he said…for the Witnesses. I told him it was for God.

    He said if you are a good witness you will obey me as the bible says…and I want you to start smoking again…and I will tell you when to quit and you will.
    I did as he wished…after 6 weeks he told me to quit….he wanted to make sure I was good and hooked again…I tossed the cigarettes and lighter out the window…we were both baptized in 6 months from then.

    Never been happier.

  17. sugarbee said:

    I never smoked, but both of my parents did…that’s why I NEVER wanted to.
    Plus, it’s just plain nasty!
    I’m glad you’re stopping….this will help you in your progression in the truth, because you will be ridding your body of all “defilements”
    Best to you.

  18. Leslie H said:

    Oh, yes, it’s worth the effort. I’m all for keeping you around as long as possible. AND-I’m all for you making your God proud.

  19. Rick G said:

    My mom gave it up at 48, after stomach cancer. (one many don’t associate with smoking, but it is one of the cancer’s victims too). She lived to 94.

    That is one of the reasons I never had any interest in smoking, to lose my mom for a year to cancer treatment, and then to see her fight to get off them.

    It, like many addictions, wears out the body, and as we appreciate that our lives are a gift from God, it is “improper use of the equipment” provided.

    I also grew up with a wood stove, and camp fires. I never stood downwind of the fire to inhale the smoke, and I never saw anyone else enjoy it either. So, the logic of drawing smoke into my lungs never made sense to me. 🙂

    What I do appreciate is the hard battle many have with those little “cancer sticks”.

    My mom did it for her health and it took her to degrade her smoking habit into something she hated. She bought the loose pack tobacco and rolled her own cigs. She said, “Every time I have to lick one of these things, reminds me how bad it is for me!”

    So focus on both, what the bad is doing to you, and think of the good that comes from getting them out of your life. Plus if you are doing it for spiritual reasons, the benefits are everlasting life.

    Here in the states, cigs are about $5 a pack for the cheap ones, and if you want a brand name, about $6. That means a pack a day smoker is getting close to $2000 a year back in their wallets by quiting.

  20. edoedo said:

    What about showing respect for our own life? People normally do not want to die, but some risk death for the sake of pleasure. For example, many use tobacco, chew betel nut, or take drugs for recreational purposes. Such substances harm the body and often kill the users. A person who makes it a practice to use these substances does not view life as sacred. These practices are unclean in God’s eyes. (Romans 6:19; 12:1; 2 Corinthians 7:1) To serve God acceptably, we have to give up such practices. Although doing so might be very hard, Jehovah can give us the needed help. And he appreciates the effort we make to treat our life as a precious gift from him.


  21. g'kar said:

    of course its worth the effort. my grandad give up at about 83 and he wasnt religious.

  22. Teddy Bear said:

    I doubt this is your only encounter with a doctor who told you smoking can kill you. But the point is not smoking, its how you view your life. If you think Jehovah’s gift of life is a waste, then smoke until your heart’s content.

    You may die content knowing you did all those things without regret, but there is nothing more sad and painful than knowing that before you expire, you have already experienced your life to your fullest while true worshipers of Jehovah have another shot at living the life it was meant to be, not for 80 years, but for an eternity.

    But we can’t decide for others. This is your choice and will involve only you and your creator.

  23. Zanzibar said:

    I don’t want you to die.
    Do I think it is worth the effort.
    I don’t smoke but in support of you, I will give up something to, to HOPEFULLY work along with you and support you.
    It will help me, and my daughter as well.
    Will it be coffee?

    Anyway, would you like the support?

    When you aren’t enslaved to cigarettes, when you can give that up?

    Then you will know the very understanding of Jehovah, and what freedom truly is.

    And EVERY TIME someone says “you are in a brainwashing cult”

    You will giggle to yourself. Because if you can give up smoking… After smoking all these years?

    You are free. You know what freedom from addiction is and can be.

    Anyway. I will give up something in support of you if you want.

  24. puppy love rules said:

    YES it is worth the effort. I quit not quite 2 years ago and the biggest discovery I made is it actually smells bad. I still occasionally get whiffs if my car window is down or my neighbor is outside smoking. It is also apparent in one’s facial features if they are a smoker.
    I handed my last pack to a brother and told him to put it where I could not find it. Never bought another pack, did not use pills/patches/gum, just the power of prayer.

    I am JW

  25. Blue-Eyed Christian said:

    Yes. It’s worth the effort. Imagine being able to taste your food properly again!

  26. Paul S said:

    My grandad had been smoking since he was 12 years old, he became a Jehovah’s Witness when he was 86, at which point he quite smoking…and lived to 100 years old!

    An extra few years of life with a clear conscience and joy is better than 80+ years with a bad conscience and misery 🙂

  27. Adam's Rib said:

    Absolutely. My husband smoked. He kept saying he would not die of cancer. He always used the older people he knew who smoked as an example. He would say “see, they are still living”. He even had by-pass surgery and didn’t stop smoking. Then he had lung cancer and went through very painful surgery and still smoked. Then he got mouth cancer. He still smoked. Finally he got lung cancer back and died a horrible death of just waiting to die. Nothing could be done. He bled to death. I smoked almost three packs of cigarettes a day. I quit in the early 1980’s so I could be baptized as a Jehovah’s Witness. I have not regretted my decision one bit. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. You just have to wait for awhile when you get a craving. It does go away. At first the cravings get closer together but they eventually start getting further and further apart. Eventually having a cigarette never enters your mind.

  28. Vöt Änårж said:

    Good for you!!!

    Yes, it is worth ALL the effort it takes to quit smoking. I’ve never had a friend who lived up to a 100- you could be the first one 😀

  29. truthreigns said:

    Hi Lone Dissenter,

    Though, I’ve torn myself from “cyber-world” to take care of other responsibilities; it dawned on me that I had to email Vot a message before I forgot…So, I opened my email, and your question was here…I couldn’t resist!

    First I would like to congratulate, and commend you for making such a faith-filled step. It’s not easy to break a long, bad habit to say the least!

    Jehovah will indeed bless your efforts!

    Since my time is limited right now, I will suggest much prayer, and will also continue to pray for your success in breaking free of Satan’s death-dealing oppressions!

    Your courage is exemplary. Keep up the honest efforts your making to draw close to Jehovah, Mr. Dissenter! you will rejoice forever over Jehovah’s having rescued you!

    I will return when I have more time to insert some encouraging scriptures for you to read. But until then, If you don’t mind; I’m going to give you the link to a question I happened to come upon at 5 o’clock in the morning one day, the very first one I saw. I was so happy I had decided to open Y!/A that morning to find this Q. I decided to just go ahead and share the WT information with the person, and he appreciated it…Better yet, I’m just going to go ahead and leave links for you, to give you much of the support you need. You will have good success. Don’t worry. Doctors don’t know everything, and many of them certainly don’t know our Great God Jehovah.

    BTW, the doctors told my mother that she should abort my baby brother, or else they both would die. Both of them, however, are alive and kicking, and have been for decades since that limited human advice.

    Jehovah willing, You will be one of those who steps over into the paradise, alive from Jehovah’s saving power. But let Jehovah be the one to decide, because tomorrow in this system of things is promised to none of us. That’s why the Dr. has to say “MAY” kill you…who knows, on the other hand, You may find out how to help your body to cleans itself in a healthy way, so as not to shock your system…Let’s see what Jehovah says on the matter concerning your life. Who’s better hands could you be in?..Peace, and Agape…”truthreigns”

    1. Why Quit Smoking – Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site
    One reason to quit smoking is that smoking tobacco endangers health and life. Smoking has been linked to more than 25 life-threatening diseases.

    2. Cigarettes–Do You Reject Them? – Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site
    A nation that helped introduce tobacco to the world is taking the lead in warning of its dangers.

    3. A World Hooked on Smoking – Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site
    Tobacco-related diseases kill about four million people each year, or one person every eight seconds. Tobacco use is the major preventable cause of disease worldwide.
    4. How You Can Quit Smoking – Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site
    If you are a nonsmoker who knows the dangers of smoking, you likely feel frustrated when your friends and loved ones continue to smoke. What can you do to help them quit?

    5. Helping a Loved One Quit Smoking – Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site
    If you are a nonsmoker who knows the dangers of smoking, you likely feel frustrated when your friends and loved ones continue to smoke. What can you do to help them quit?

    6. How to Safeguard Your Health – Jehovah’s Witnesses Official Web Site
    The challenge today is to decide what will have the greatest impact on our health

    EDIT to Metzae..smoking pollutes you spiritually, as well as physically.

    Now back to the secular…Ho Hum..

  30. goshine2 said:

    Just let go and don’t look back. Why?, Because if you Love and trust Jehovah there is know need to. Pray often, Read the Bible a lot. Make all meetings. Who knows I may hear your experience at the assembly one day.
    Remember, It is not that prayer simply makes us feel better. The “Hearer of prayer” promises to give holy spirit to his servants who sincerely ask for it. (Psalm 65:2; Luke 11:13) And God’s holy spirit, or active force, can equip you with “power beyond what is normal” to go from one day to the next. (2 Corinthians 4:7) Remember: God can help his faithful servants to endure any and every problem they may face.
    This thought is from the of our brochures, It always is encouraging to me.

  31. Wendi888 said:

    Hi, Lone. I can only take a quick break right now, but this may be encouraging. It IS worth the effort.

    Years ago I was studying with a woman of about 70 who had smoked heavily all her life. When we came to the part about bad habits she realized smoking had to go if she wanted to become closer to Jehovah. That lady quit “cold turkey” and never smoked again.

    What was funny was her attitude about two or three weeks after she quit. She was ticked off at her grand daughter (a Witness) and me, too a bit. She wanted to know why no one had ever told her how bad she smelled from the cigs. “I’d have quit long ago if I realized I smelled like that. I like things very clean and you didn’t let me know how dirty the cigarettes made me smell. Why didn’t you?”

    She lived for many, many years after that, smelling sooooo nice. And she was able to really taste food again. That’s how it’ll be for you. I know how strong you are, so there’s no doubt in my mind.

    Got to get back to work now. Will be checking on more of your questions later on today or tonight after meeting.

  32. tuppence said:

    Lone, I am going to say yes, it is most definitely worth the effort!

    Although, my husband, Jem is much younger, he was smoking about 40 a day for about 10 years and tried in vain to give up many a time, but after a month, he would go back to smoking. He eventually said that the only way he could stop was to go through “cold turkey”! He actually wanted me to tie him to a chair and feed him regularly! This is how desperate he was!

    It was around this time that we got involved with the witnesses and on Nisan 14, he prayed for help; threw his cigarettes away, and now for 9 and half years – has not smoked a single ciggy! The only side effect he got was eating a bit more! But, if one is disciplined, they can control that!

    He knows that he could not have given up without Jehovah’s help.

    Yes, there is a danger for you – I shall not hide from that – but the benefits more than compensate.

    Take courage, my dear lone.


  33. une fleur said:

    If you are doing so because you realize smoking is displeasing to our Creator, then it is worth the effort even if your cessation of the habit doesn’t prolong your life in this world by one day.

    When we are doing something out of love for someone else rather than for ourselves, the effort is always worthwhile, and it is usually much easier. The beautiful thing about heeding Jehovah’s commandments is that we, as well as any who know us, benefit in the process. (Isa. 48:17, 18)

    Don’t worry, we will understand if you are grumpy for a little while. And Jehovah will give you the strength you need. (2 Cor. 4:7)

  34. dmitrityutikovc said:
  35. nika.burou said:


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