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What are some healthy vegetarian recipes?

I haven’t been a vegetarian long, so I need to know of healthy recipes. I’m also a person on a diet. I hate the very thought of eating animals. It’s lingered on me for many years, but now the thought of it…makes me cry. But that’s not the point. I’m looking for recipes! Does anybody know of healthy ones?

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9 Responses to “What are some healthy vegetarian recipes?”

  1. xfjh said :

    ive been a vegitarian for a year
    my favorite simple meal is white rice with ANY type of vvegtable on top. its awesome. and if you live with non-vegitarians, just grill some chicken to put on theres also.

  2. geeeezz said :

    you should try indian food. They have alot of options for vegetarian food. Also, here’s some ideas, u can make any mexican food and just substiture beef with beans.

  3. FACSKat said :

    Mmmm. Roast veg. My fave is couscous, with pinenuts, pepitas and sunflower seeds, sultanas, capsicum, celery, corn kernels, and a honey-lemon-herb dressing instead of the water (to rehydrate the couscous) Then i have that with steamed veg and tzatziki. Mmmm.

  4. Nancy B said :

    Zucchini parmesan
    I bread the zucchini after I slice it. Then I bake it until tender with a small amount of oil and spray Pam. Then I layer it with sauce, mozzarella cheese and freshly grated parmesan. and bake again. Delicious.

  5. Ken B said :

    You can try something vegetarian from India. Salads are really healthy. Tasty rice is good to eat and still a healthy food.

  6. prettysmartideas said :

    take yourself to and just start searching through the different categories. You can come up with about 80 cookbooks worth of recipes.
    Otherwise, check out the vegetarian cookbook section at your local Barnes and Noble or Borders.
    One good book to start with, believe it or not, is Vegetarian Cooking for Dummies, which talks about vegetarianism, and gives a number of recipes.

  7. starved123 said :

    Here are some interesting sites for vegetarian recipes. I do not think you can get bored with these sites. If you see any with meat just skip those. Especially on the site from India.

    Remember healthy is always in the quantity you eat. Quality before quantity.

  8. typist w said :
  9. Doctor said :

    thousands of recipes


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