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What’s the difference between Lipton brand premium pyramid green tea and the 100% natural green tea?

I am considering starting a 2-3 drink a day of self brewed green tea. I want to know if I should stick with the mandarin orange premium pyramids I currently have, or go to drinking the 100% natural stuff they offer.

I was considering buying a more expensive imported tea, but I wanted to ask if it is truely worth it over the two Lipton teas stated before. I was thinking maybe buying a bit of the good tea for a treat of better tea every once in a while if it isn’t a dramatic difference between Lipton and true green tea.

Thanks for any and all help you can provide me with.

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3 Responses to “What’s the difference between Lipton brand premium pyramid green tea and the 100% natural green tea?”

  1. ♀ Chitose Hibiya ♀ said :

    It tastes better

  2. Daniela P said :

    Green tea is widely consumed throughout Asia. The tea contains antioxidants and other healthful components shown in clinical studies to possibly prevent cancer, heart disease senility, and other diseases associated with aging. But most Americans don’t like the taste, so what you get here is a green tea drink(that Lipton green tea) loaded with sugar and other additives, sold under the disguise of a health drink. Any ingredients after the words “green tea” on the bottle chisels away the health benefits.

  3. epic_laydown said :

    As an avid tea lover, I can tell you that the only difference between plain green tea and the mandarin pyramid lipton kind is that of flavor. I’m sure both contain green tea and are good for you and will benefit your health equally. this is my opinion.

    Also, the mandarin pyramid bags (which are pretty cool) allows the tea leaves and mandarin parts to expand more. Also the bags are made of nylon I believe. To me, this makes a little difference in taste, but not much.. To me, it’s all marketing.

    I personally like all types of tea. 100% plain green tea, flavored green tea, Sencha (japanese), white tea, flavored white tea, chai tea, earl grey, etc etc.

    I wish I knew the brand of “imiported tea” you mentioned. There are so many that I think you should start out with whatever you might like best. Then you can have different kinds after a while. Just remember, they’re all good for you.


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