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wich way is better for give up smoking?

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14 Responses to “wich way is better for give up smoking?”

  1. Aptoslady said :

    I did it cold turkey, applying the basic principals of 12 step recovery.

  2. alanc_59 said :

    why would you want to give it up?

  3. hushnowjustplayit said :

    What worked for me was when I was in intensive care after a total neck dissection during which they removed my larynx and a cancerous tumor.

  4. love2travel said :

    Cold turkey is the only way. It’s worth it!

  5. HangTheDJ said :

    The patch worked for me.

  6. Twinklestar said :

    i did it cold turkey.

  7. jaZ L said :

    dont start.
    empty yourself of cigarettes

  8. that_girl_from_australia said :

    alanc…ever heard of cancer? emphysema??

    My mum quit cold turkey…but gained a lot of weight!

    My boss used a mixture of gum and hypnotherapy..

    Good luck!

  9. salaughin2002 said :

    cold turkey!!!!!!!!!! chew alot of gum. and good luck to you!

  10. MeGaaA- Li said :

    There are a few ways to quit smoking. You should pick the one that you think would work for you the best.
    You can try the nicorette gum or inhaler; the patch; or the old fashion method…cold turkey. Your doctor may also be able to give you some other method.
    They have smokers Anonymous where I live now (Ontario, Canada.) It’s where smokers that have quit go to get support from other people that have quit. You might want to check out to see if they have something like that in your area. Good luck!

  11. Littlebigdog said :

    What ever method you choose you must be 100% committed
    For me I talked with my Dr first and asked for help, he wrote me a Rx for the Patch, with that I also had help from friends and from my children if it were not for them,and there words of encouragement I would never have stoped smoking. after 30 years of of it. Good luck and keep the mind set on the smoke free for life and you will feel better for it.

  12. jainpushp01 said :

    If you have tried to quit smoking but failed it mean now you addicted to it.The best way to give up smoking under such cases is your firm determination.Admit that you are doing wrong and it is harmful for you etc. Quit it only when you make up your mind and you are determined to act firmly. Avoid the company of smokers.

  13. Jinha said :

    Cold Turkey is the best way,

  14. Allergic To Eggs said :

    cold turkey. i was a social smoker (weekends only) for 3 years


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