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A good website to learn how to play guitar?

I am trying to find a good website which will help me learn to play the guitar, but I keep getting loads of random websites, just wondering if anybody knows a good one they used.

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6 Responses to “A good website to learn how to play guitar?”

  1. Steven said :

    It’s your lucky day! just put out an article answering just that. Check out this link to get to the sites you’re looking for:

  2. Aaron D said : is pretty good, they have some free stuff also

  3. nick h said :

    youtube is suprisingly not a bad place to check out if you need help with a certain technique or song.

  4. Kenny said :

    I run a training program at . Please check it out!

  5. togbear said :

    Try this one
    It comes highly recommended:

    “Our top choice. Hands down the most comprehensive offering available. Includes over 150 guitar lessons, 400+ sound files, an ear training game, and loads of other bonuses.”
    Guitar Lesson

    “Our Number One Pick: “Jamorama” is by far and away the best and most informative “learn to play guitar” guide. The information contained is comprehensive, clearly laid out and the bottom line is it works. Jamorama is the mother of all guitar learning packages.”

    “This package is by far the most complete and fresh approach to guitar playing that I have seen in a long time. I highly recommend this product because I do believe it will deliver results and have you playing popular songs like a professional using the most effective techniques. There is something here for every guitar player, regardless of ability. And at the current cost, it really is worth every dollar spent!”

    “It is the by far the best of the software-based instruction courses available. Jamorama is also an instant download so no waiting for it to arrive in the mail.”
    Master the

    “These are without a doubt the best guitar lessons courses below $150, and Jamorama Acoustic Guitar is the best dedicated Acoustic guitar course around. In addition, assuming you read this before the expected price rise, these courses are also the best buys of all tested guitar lessons courses, in improvement-per-dollar terms.”

    “The best thing about Jamorama, and the thing that really sets it apart from ALL the other guitar courses I’ve seen, is how well integrated the video lessons, ebooks, bonus software games and Jam Tracks are. This really is an excellent, integrated learning Kit.
    Learn Guitar

  6. Simon Harris said :

    There are so many sites out there – Jamorama, JustinGuitar, GuitarTricks etc. My favourites are TrueFire and AdvancedGuitarPlayer – for proficuent jazz and blues guitarists


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