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Going to learn to play guitar. Looking for opinions on good type/brand for beginner?

Sorry! Electric guitar lessons!

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6 Responses to “Going to learn to play guitar. Looking for opinions on good type/brand for beginner?”

  1. Maryn Bittner said:

    Electric? The Squire set (amp, guitar, gig bag, strap) is often the best bargain going at around $135. By the time you’re good enough to deserve a better system, the amp will be malfunctioning in some way. Replace it first, then later the instrument itself.

  2. chessmaster1018 said:

    You didn’t say electric or acoustic ? If acoustic I always tell my students to start out with the Yamaha, this new one that’s out on the market has a sweet little sound, I even bought one for myself, and I play classical, when I went to buy a new one I tried this guitar and fell in love with the sound. Now remember if they have five of them try them all, they all have a little different sound and action, so see which one suites the sound and action that you like, good luck with your lessons, bye !!!!!

  3. conchobor2 said:

    Start with acoustic.

    no need for an amp, and it will build callouses faster.

    I recommend a decent Alvarez. Should cost about $200 or so, and is a good enough guitar to last you your life if you want.

  4. The Rejected said:

    I suggest that if you are beginning from scratch, that you buy acoustic. Acoustic will get your fingers ready for electric. You can probably get a pretty good one for $120 in guitar center if you ask one of the guys there (they are really friendly 🙂

    for electric, you will need a pretty heavy budget & you would also need to buy an amp. So, I truly suggest an acoustic =P

    good luck

  5. angelwith4faces said:

    The Squire, the Yahmha, there is also the Dean. The Squire has single coil pickups which are real noisy. I would get humbuckers.

    Get a cheap distortion box and plug in into your stereo. Keep the output of the distortion low (lower than the radio or stereo volume)! At some point, decide to spend a lot of money, don’t just by a lot of crap like I did!

  6. Hello M said:

    Check out
    You can get step by step video instructions and guitar lessons that show you the secrets of how to play the guitar in great detail.
    Good luck!


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