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Does anyone know any good websites that can help me learn to play guitar?

just looking for websites that teach guitar lessons or atleast have guides on how to play

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7 Responses to “Does anyone know any good websites that can help me learn to play guitar?”

  1. Henry_Tee said :

    those wont help, get a real person to teach u

  2. TR said :

    Just starting out, you’ll want a face-to-face teacher. There are little details about hand position and fingering that you want to get right at the outset–they’re easier to learn right at first than to correct later after you learned them wrong–and only an expert observer can catch the mistakes reliably.

    After a few introductory lessons, you can branch off to other methods, but I wouldn’t do websites. There are computer programs on cd-rom that you can get for cheap (try online auction sites or used software shops), and a good book on the subject can also help.

    The quality of your first teacher is important. I’d look for lessons from the best music store in your town–the ones that deal in a full range of band and orchestra instruments, not just guitars and amps and drumsets–or I’d ask around at a local university music department if they offer a guitar major and try to hire a student.

  3. Dinah f said :

    Just think of all the fun you can have by joining a class. Try it. You might like it.

  4. Diane A said :

    Yes see below:

  5. chessmaster1018 said :

    Get a teacher, learning on the computer won’t tell you when your doing something incorrectly, if you can’t afford that get a beginners book and find someone who plays that can help you to get started.

  6. kaisergirl_1 said :

    youtube has some free lessons

  7. sapkota_kundan said :

    don’t use video to learn
    GO to this link
    download the trial version of the program
    and use it.
    if you then like it buy it. its the best software for guitar
    You can download thousands of guitar pro files from net and they will be just 0-100 kb..You can learn keyboard and other instruments from this software..


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