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Anybody know of a good dog obedience school in West Texas?

I have a 12 week old German Shepherd that i want to train.
I am located smack dab in between Lubbock, Abilene, and Midland/Odessa. I am willing to travel.

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One Response to “Anybody know of a good dog obedience school in West Texas?”

  1. BCDawgMa **Luv My Chynna** said :

    I’m not sure exactly where in West Texas you are located. But here are 3 very active AKC Obedience training clubs in West TX. All 3 offer Obedience classes at all levels & Agility too. I show at their Agility trials 2x a year. Lots of nice folks. Check out their websites from the links below. Hope one of them is fairly close for you.
    Midland, TX— Permian Basin Obedience Training Club:
    Lubbock, TX—South Plains Obedience Training Club:
    Amarillo, TX—Amarillo Obedience Training Club:
    If none of these is close to you Google dog training in your city or look in your yellow pages for places near you that offer training classes.

    Edit: So maybe try the South Plains (Lubbock) or Permian Basin (Midland) clubs.

    personal experience


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