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What is the average cost of dog obedience schools and how do they work?

In a couple of months I will be buying a German Shepherd puppy for my family. Of course, I’ve done a lot of research on the breed before I made the decision and I can’t really find one negative thing about them other than they tend to be prone to hip dysplasia. I do have some knowledge on how to train dogs but I also want a little help from professionals for good measure. How much, on average, do dog obedience classes cost and how does the program usually work?

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3 Responses to “What is the average cost of dog obedience schools and how do they work?”

  1. guard dog training centre said :

    it is 2 times a week and each lesson $10 (60 mins each lesson) for 1 month

  2. nonshowing breeders breed crap said :

    Ussually around $60-80 for a class

    How does it work.. you go once a week, the trainer shows you how to work on a particular command, you work on that command at home with your dog every day. Classes are ussually 6-8 weeks long.

  3. Dutchman said :

    Group classes run about $75 for a 6-10 week course. Private lessons, $75 & up per session. “In-kennel”, $1000 and up…the dog stays at the kennel, and you’re brought in periodically to learn how to handle.


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