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Where is a good dog obedience school in orlando FL?

I nned a good dog obeidence school for my dog. And i need it at an offordable price. less that 100 dollars?

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One Response to “Where is a good dog obedience school in orlando FL?”

  1. J Somethingorother said :

    Check online for your local AKC (American Kennel Club). They give excellent lessons and are normally much cheaper than all the private schools. Anyone can attend. Your dog doesn’t have to be any specific pedigree but must have all shots up to date.

    I have attended the one where I live twice with two different dogs. They were great. They also gave one dog individual attention for no extra charge to correct a particular problem. I highly recommend them. I paid $60 for a 6 week class that met for one hour each week and we were given written lessons to read and do at home in between.


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