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Dog obedience school for German Shepherd?

I am about to adopt a 3 yr old GSD from a foster home. She is well taken cared of and has done some training already. I do not know the extent of her training. Should I go ahead and get her additional training?

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6 Responses to “Dog obedience school for German Shepherd?”

  1. JR said :

    Its a good way for you to bond with the new adult pet.

  2. Shay said :

    German Shepherds are great dogs!! Congrats! I would do the training to bond with your new family member, also the dogs really enjoy the socializing the get from training. Have fun and enjoy! Training is a great way to spend some quality time with your dog.

  3. Dog Mama said :

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ADOPTION! German Shepherds are my favorite dogs.

    I think I would assess what training she already has. Make a list of questions for the people caring for the dog now. If it is enough to suit you, and your living conditions, then I say, just continue to re-enforce the training she has had. If you want her to have more training, then you should pursue that. But wait and see how she does settling in to your home before starting any new training. She needs to see you as the “alpha” in the family, before she will respond to new training from you. Just Love her a lot, I know you will.

    Good Luck.

  4. kelli123 said :

    I think that training does as much good for the owner/handler as it does for the dog. Even though she may have had some training, you are a new person for her, and she will need to learn how to respond to your signals. You will learn how to read what she is trying to tell you. They are so good at communicating with us if we can learn how to interpret. I’m all for training. It’s fun and enhances the relationship between you and your dog.

    Best wishes and good luck to both of you.

    There are lots of things to do besides straight obedience. There is rally and agility etc. I think it is wonderful that you are adopting this adult dog. She will be always be grateful for her “forever” home.

  5. ainawgsd said :

    I would strongly recommend taking her to a basic or intermediate obedience class. Training is an excellent way to bond with a new dog even if they already know the commands. Personally, I also feel that continued training beyond basic obedience (rally obedience, agility, canine freestyle, formal obedience, etc) is also very beneficial to the human-canine bond. GSDs are very smart dogs and many of them really enjoy training with their owners and continuing to learn new things throughout their lives.

    My older GSD went through basic obedience classes with me shortly after I adopted her. She has some issues resulting from a lack of early socialization and I decided that continued training would be very beneficial for her. A year or so after her first basic obedience class I found a trainer I really liked and we signed up for basic obedience again. It was a good refresher for her as we really needed to work on distractions and her not being freaky around strange people. Since then, we have taken intermediate obedience, Canine Good Citizen, agility, and rally obedience classes and she has two legs towards her APDT level I title. Every time we skip a few weeks of class I notice her backsliding at least a little (often a lot) in her socialization issues.

    Congratulations on your new addition!

  6. Bruce said :

    I have worked with resue german shepherds for 3 yrs, and love the breed to death, so I will tell you straight forward, go to the training. First of all, there is no such thing as “obedience training” any more, it is called canine education. You are not teaching the dog to “obey”you, instead you are learning how to communicate with your dog. The dog already knows how to lay down, sit, stay, come, heel, and everything else that people consider “obedience”, what they are teaching is how to get the dog to do it when you ask by using positive reinforcement. Even though she may already have been through some trainig, she needs further instruction and with you to understand that you are now the alpha and that all good things will come from you.


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